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Here’s what this prominent venture capitalist says about funding, business plans, raising capital… and what he’s looking for…

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Some venture capitalists don’t like business plan software — they want to see if you can write a good plan on your own.

Other investors actually buy copies of BizPlanBuilder for their clients — to assure a complete business plan that addresses all of the questions they’re going to ask.

Remember, investors want to invest.
They hope and pray every day for a deal they can fund. With BizPlanBuilder, you’ll pitch a worthy business, have a compelling plan, and demonstrate your ability to succeed.

“I am a poster boy for your BizPlanBuilder financials – anytime! I buy a copy for every company I work with.”
– David Lewis, Kingsdale Capital Corp, Toronto


“BizPlan Builder truly seems to help the entrepreneur to professionally introduce him/herself to the venture capitalist.”
– Marco Seppa, Finnish Venture Capital FVL OY


“Product was great! Thanks… it was tremendously helpful in allowing me to create an integrated financial model for an acquisition. Thanks for the good work.”
– Sean Rosser


“People come to us all the time seeking funding and we use BizPlan Builder to show them the business plan content and format we’d like to see. We refer to it on a regular basis… it makes life a lot easier for all of us.”
– David Wilt, E.D. Wilt Investments, Inc., Washington, D.C.


“I’ve purchased more than 115 copies of BizPlan Builder over the years… and I give them to clients! That way I get a great plan we can quickly get funded.”
– Michael Redinger, Managing Director, Beckman White & Reed, San Francisco, CA


“TVA is a nationwide network of angel investors, venture capitalists, corporate venture funds and investment bankers all with a single goal in mind to invest in the very best companies regardless of size or location. The Alliance currently represents over $275 million dollars. We like BizPlanBuilder because it is an excellent system that assures the consistent development of a complete business plan that we can use within our network. Using this software is the smartest initial investment an entrepreneur can make.”
– John Garcia, Chairman, TVA, Founding/Managing Partner, Angel Strategies, Tustin, CA


“BizPlanBuilder is a software package from Jian Tools for Sales, Inc. that facilitates the writing of a business plan. Its depth and breadth places it as a leader of business plan writing tools, and we find it both easy to use as well as rich in features. It offers a number of business plan outlines, depending on the type of business. However, for each section of the outline, it not only explains what that section entails, but actually offers sample Microsoft Word text templates which can form the basis of writing any business plan, and thus expedites the business plan writing process. Likewise, Biz Plan Builder sports various levels of in-depth and integrated financial models, using linked Excel spreadsheets, which the user can employ directly or tailor. Its financial charts, projections, ratio analyses, valuation projections, and other financial modules are robust and comprehensive. A complimentary handbook on business planning is available as well. We recommend that BizPlanBuilder be considered by anyone seeking a comprehensive and sophisticated business planning tool that is yet easy to use.”
– Venture Success


Practicing Attorney says, BizPlanBuilder is the best he’s seen…

I am a practicing attorney with my undergraduate degree in business administration. I help clients with business incorporation, business plans, contracting, and general business litigation. In my practice, I have many business owners as clients. I have examined many of the business planning software packages and have purchased, what I thought to be the better ones, just so I would know “what is out there.” BizPlan Builder is the best I have seen.”
~ Gerald Gaggini, Attorney, BELL, FLECHAS & GAGGINI P.A., Jackson, MS



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