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Jim Albion business plan marketing consultant ad agency“I own a full service Advertising Agency in NH. I use several of the Business Power Tools products on a regular basis. We use Employee Manual Builder and Employee File Builder for HR, Agreement Builder to build many of our agreements with long-term clients, customers, and vendors, MarketingBuilder to build the templates to many of our marketing, advertising, and public relations plans, and BizPlanBuilder to build our business plan and corporate structure. You don’t have to be new to business to use these plans.

I’ve been in business for nearly 25 years, and I find these programs every bit as useful now as I did when I was learning as a new business owner. I maintain my upgrades because there is always new and better information supplied in the programs. These guys know EXACTLY what they are doing, and how to do it.

I had one situation where BizPlanBuilder came in unbelievably useful. I was hired by a small record label in Tampa, FL to put together a business and marketing plan for them to use to raise $350,000 in capital for their company. I was also hired to make the presentations to potential investors. Using both BizPlanBuilder and MarketingBuilder, I created the needed presentation.

My first appointment was with seven Tampa Bay Buccaneers interested in investing. After making my 35 minute presentation, I was unable to raise the $350,000 the record label wanted to raise. These seven men wrote checks totaling $575,000! Super Bowl thanks to JIAN for creating such a fantastic software package. I use several of their products regularly in my business. I wouldn’t even try to expand my business without them.
~ James J. Albion, President, ZMJ Enterprises, Marketing & Advertising Agency, Dover, NH,


“It’s been awhile, but I have been using BizPlanBuilder in my own business, and in my capacity as a successful CPA/Consultant, for many years now. It is a terrific product, extremely useful, with output that is well received by lenders and investors. Trying to get my own business to the next level, pursuing growth and acquisitions, immediately thought of you and your products. I love the updates!”
~ Ernie Neve, CPA, CVA, CTC, CVO of The Neve Group, LTD.


“Just a note of thanks and appreciation for dealing with you over the years. I have found your software to be unique, easy to use and very helpful in my practice. Also, I deeply appreciated the excellent response you gave when I needed help.”
~ Ben Clements, Newtown, PA


“We’ve been using your financial model for financial analysis, partnering, M&A, and VC analysis here in Silicon Valley and in Europe. I have used a few other programs like MoneySoft that cost $1500+ and yours are better, more accurate and more detailed. I can trust the integrity of the BizPlanBuilder financial models.”
~ Geir Ilstad, Prudent Management, Los Altos, CA


“I’ve been using Burke’s products for well over 20 years, and as business consultant, I have helped many companies raise $50k-$100k, and others in the millions, for a total over $200M. I highly recommend having a chat with Burke if you’re looking at raising funds, and/or looking for a great tool to help manage your HR, ops and admin. For the business consultants here, you can use this system to help your client raising funds, and charge for that service.”
~ Serge Gravelle, Creator & CEO, Global Sparks


“Even for experienced managers it’s an excellent way to organize new ventures and bring out [winning direction].
~ R. Bradley, Int. Info. Assoc. Inc., Yardly, PA


“Very well constructed. Meets client needs.”
~ John Young, Business Consultant, Sacramento, CA


“What I’ve been looking for in the last year! Thank you.”
~ Larry Ballard, Consultant, Litchfield, IL


“My client secured a $142,000 SBA loan using your software!”
~ Bill Bishop, America Design, Atwater, CA


“Great tool for facilitating a business planning session.”
~ Tom Pooton, Current Concepts, Eden Prairie, MN


“I love the program! It suits my business needs, professional & easy to use.”
~ Mae Clark, Carlisle Group, Inc., Dallas, TX


“I bought Biz Plan primarily for the financials. They will be extremely helpful to me in setting fees.”
~ Paul Rock, Business Performance Specialists, Knoxville, TN


“The Biz Plan Builder is clear and easy to use for individual clients and groups.”
~ Robert Davis, Julius and James, LTD., Springfield, IL


“I like the flexibility of the Word documents, for example. To the extent that I used them, what I did was blend pieces of yours with a previous business plan, an initial plan done by my big-shot business friend, a marketing plan I had done for a client, plus about three other documents. I used the financials completely. This allowed me to whip together a REALLY good document very quickly and easily.”
~ Michael Linehan, President, Marketing Alchemy, Sooke, BC

Business Turnaround

“As former president of the Connecticut Chapter and active national director of the 8,000 member Turnaround Management Association, I’ve been using BPB in my successful consulting practice since our first conversation 15 years ago. It’s fantastic!”
~ Stephen A. Oster, The Oster Group, Inc., Greenwich, Connecticut


“Here is my recommendation: Feel free to post it as you see fit.

BizPlanBuilder software is a fantastic business-planning tool.

I first learned of BizPlanBuilder capabilities while attending business school in San Francisco, CA over 12 years ago. Since then, I have used this software to develop and update my business plans for businesses I started and ran, and successfully secured $500k in funding twice during this time.

Funders appreciated the level of detail in the write up of the plan, plus the correctness and detail of the financial pro-forma presented to them – it provided them with a tangible proof of my entrepreneurial capacity and success potential. They supported this belief by funding me. That is what happens when you wisely utilize the right tool to get the job done.

These plans were created easily using the BizPlanBuilder business plan software. All of these plans were created in a matter of a few days! What a huge time saver!

Today, I am a successful business consultant. I recommend BizPlanBuilder business plan software to my clients in need to develop and update their business road map!

Are you looking for a business plan tool? Try BizPlanBuilder! You will be glad you did it!

You guys ROCK!
Looking forward to many productive interactions.

Talk to you soon.
~ Claudia Cody, Cody Consulting



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