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Cisco chooses BizPlanBuilder for Developing Countries Program…

Cisco Systems supports global network of Networking Academies

The Cisco Networking Academies are in the process of formalizing the business planning processes at each of its networking academies.

These academies are usually in or associated with Universities all over the world. In order to be highly successful, good business planning processes and practices must be in place at each academy. This involves both education as to business processes in general as well as the business process of planning for and running a Cisco Networking Academy.

The primary source of income for these academies is tuition. A customized version of BizPlanBuilder has been developed for each academy to go through a series of documents and excel worksheets answering questions and entering numbers and ultimately arriving at a business plan that contains the details for their break-even (or net recovery) point.

In addition to the standard BizPlanBuilder documents, the Cisco business plan software includes customized templates:

  • The Strategic Planning Process
  • Background
  • Vision & Mission
  • Basic Financials
  • Gap Analysis
  • Driving & Restraining Forces
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Strategic Plan (Logframe)
  • Financial Model (specially designed for a Cisco Academy)
  • Conclusion
  • Plan Acknowledgment

Additional Resource Documents

  • LDC Academy Agreement
  • Profile & Timeline of an Academy
  • Why Gender Equity?
  • Script for Soliciting Donations
  • A sample plan from the successful Stony Hill Jamaica Academy
  • We also include a version in French (only the Cisco-specific docs)


BizPlanBuilder chosen to support Networking Academies in Developing Countries

The pilot program for the Cisco Networking Academy Least Developed Countries Initiative (200 in Sub-Saharan Africa) is now in place generating business plans from the same tool creates reasonably consistent and predictable business plans which can be systematically executed.

Cisco managers can now review each individual academy plan and offer suggestions and support. It’s a great deal for the Cisco Networking Academy and it relieves many people at Cisco from a tremendous amount of work.

Special Pricing for Cisco Academies

Cisco Academy managers may purchase a copy of BizPlanBuilder at your special price by contacting BizPlanBuilder directly via email or by phone.


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