What Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Tell Us…

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“Great. I appreciate your product. Very helpful. I needed a panoramic view of the process. Now I have a great template to help me capture all the essentials. Thanks! Please DO call on me if I can ever serve you, your family and friends with medication therapy management or information.
– Don Thibodeau, Information Pharmacist, www.PillHelp.com, Fort Myers, FL


“In 1999, I was approached by another company in the pet industry about the possibility of selling our company. At that time, I purchased the Jian BizPlan Builder software so I could organize my thoughts and write a detailed plan to use as a tool when negotiating with the potential buyers. After completing the plan, it became evident to me that we could easily double the size of the company on our own in a relatively short period of time. If we could accomplish this on our own, why sell? Needless to say, we decided against selling the company and instead chose a path of rapid expansion. In the 5 years since we first used the software, we have tripled the sales of the company and more than quadrupled net profit. Thanks for providing the tools necessary to help small businesses make educated decisions and continue to grow.
– Dave Link, President, Precision Pet Products, Costa Mesa, CA


“What an awesome product! I wanted to thank your team for developing a product for entrepreneurs. I just wanted to talk about the benefits of using Biz Plan Builder. It is great to have a product that incorporates teaching and the entrepreneur’s point of view. Burke obviously knows what it is like to build a business from scratch, learn the investor language, and the importance of networking. Every entrepreneur needs to understand these things as they are another important part of building a business.

Biz Plan Builder has all of this. I looked at a lot of business planning software and none of them seem to have the user friendly interface, resources, and in-depth sample plans that I found in Biz Plan Builder. If you’re an entrepreneur, you need every advantage you can get, and Biz Plan Builder definitely gives you that.
– Roderick Walker, President & CEO, Weddings Only, Salem, OR


“I founded a mortgage company with BizPlanBuilder, then approached banks and got a $6 million warehouse line of credit.
– Barry McCarter, Ameristone Mortgage, Hingham, MA


“I’m a general contractor. I invented a new construction tool and I needed some money to build a prototype and launch a new business. I pretty much knew what I needed to do and I had a potential investor lined up, but he wanted to see a business plan before he invested a dime. I bought BizPlanBuilder on Monday, wrote it on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and on Saturday he gave me $45,000.
– Mark Martinez, Oceanside, CA


“As someone who had never turned on a computer, I used biz plan builder and raised $5 million in capital to buy a large health club because of your software. I still get compliments on my first biz plan when folks want to see what we did to raise our original capital. I always send them your direction!
– Bob Shoulders, Fayetteville Athletic Club, Fayetteville, AR


“We applied for a loan in early November and by Christmas we had $4,200,000. It saved us about half the time.
– D. Snowden, Operations Manager


“I used BizPlanBuilder to build this business which is now a million dollar business. We just signed a deal with Disney and with the Discovery channel and I owe quite a bit of that knowledge and experience to the business plan… We raised $100,000 with the product…
– Don Ridson, Santa Cruz, CA, San Francisco Small Business Expo


“Since I went through the product [BizPlanBuilder], all other business plans pale in comparison to the comprehensive nature of this particular program. . .
– BizPlanBuilder Customer, San Francisco Small Business Expo


“Don Boursier, a fireman/paramedic, just used BPB to write a business plan to organize the paramedics at resorts run by Get Travel travel agency. (GetTravel is a huge agency that organizes different types of vacations around the world – from high school students to Cancun, to language trips to Europe.) He put together a great presentation, and the agency bought it! He’s now on his way to several ski resorts for the winter, to be followed by Cancun & other beach spots for the summer.


“The information in your packaged software will be used to fine tune business strategies for starting my own small business.
– Mitchell Randolph Jr., Colorado Springs, CO


“I don’t often see credible hype-type literature, but in this case, I am a believer. You owe it to yourself and your company to own and use Biz Plan Builder!
– Leon Wortman, Contributing Editor, Business Marketing


“Excellent stuff! Might save me at least one month in preparation time. Thanks!!
– Carl Alper, Postware Inc., Norcross, GA


“Best business plan I ever came across.
– Darran Reeder, IXTAPA Communications Inc.


“The BizPlan is a great tool!!
– Tim Sogunro, Daytona Beach, FL

Great Package!
– William F. Pragluski, Bold Strokes, Herndon, VA

A thorough solution to a complex task!
– Layne Williams, Dream West Inc., Sonora, CA

Nicely done. has made my job much easier, and it will help my sales people learn their products and services.
– G. Stickl, Lakeland, FL

It helped structure my thinking even though I’ve written a number of business plans. I probably saved 40 hours, if not more, and it really helped me get started. That’s always been the hardest part before. It only took us about 4 months to get $3,000,000 using BizPlan Builder. My CPA really liked it, too.
– J.S., Fort Worth TX

Much better than all the other so called business plans.
– William C. Dodenhoff, Security One Corporation, Fort Wayne, IN

The program helped us direct some very important processes. It prompted us to think things through very clearly. With our computer, we pulled our entire 52-page plan together in a week. First, you’ve got to get their respect, then you’ll get the money. Four venture groups expressed interest. We received about $1.8 million.
– Jim Gentry, Kansas City, MO

JIAN’s order follow-up and delivery were excellent! Package leans toward established businesses with some history.
– James A. Ristow, Pacific Basin Corp., San Clemente, CA

Very well done.
– Peter E. Altieri, Property Tax Reduction Specialists, Katonah, NY

Wonderful tool! I’m returning a competitor’s product purchased at same time as yours.
– Alex Walter, Courthouse Records, Inc., Aurora, CO

You have a good customer service department!
– Glenn Cashmore, C/O ABC-KGTV, San Diego, CA

Excellent first impression of BizPlanBuilder.
– Robert P. Everett, BPAA, Inc., Riverside, CA

– David Houser, Kermex, Monte Rio, CA

BizPlanBuilder works great.
– Richard Michael, Michael Enterprises, Pleasanton, CA

Great plan!
– Jody M. O’Donnell, L.I.D.C. Inc., Dallas, TX

Keep coming up with products for the entrepreneur.
– Don Marostica, CTI Inc., Danville, CA

Very helpful, a great idea!
– Joyce Edelstein, Userfriendly, New York, NY

Well conceived product.
– Peter N. Christopher, B/C/S Adv., Great Neck, NY

Your program is excellent.
– Lewis Kula, Professional Solution, Huntington, NY

Excellent product.
– Bruce Bussiere, Condonderry, NH

Great Software!
– Robert Younger, Valley Beach, Carmichael, CA

Very complete and thorough. Made me think through the whole process.
– J. H. Eddy, Rockford, IL

Great program, Really helped our restructuring!
– Kathy Truesdell, Emerald City Productions, Dallas, TX

Excellent program.
– George H. James, AJ Services, Willigboro, NJ

Appears to be an extremely useful tool. I’ll know more once I have put it to use.
– Mike Felts, AMRE Managers, Inc., Irvine, CA

Like the program.
– Edward L. Hamilton, Kramek Inc. Company, El Toro, CA

Just started with the program looks good.
– Bernard N. Genest, B.N. Genest, Inc., Lambertville, NJ

I believe BizPlan will be an excellent tool for my business.
– Mark Fonts, World Wide Industries, Terre Haute, IN

Good program. Keep it up!
– David Eller, Eller Energy, Inc., Pittsburg, PA

Love your manual!!
– Jim Fitzgerald, Let You Know, Dallas, TX

Great product.
– Ben Plumb, Medi+Fund, Inc., Miami, FL

My company is up and running with several contracts. I meet with investors next month. Thanks!!!
– Kerry G. Holman, The Holman Group, Washington, DC

I love your manual!!!
– J. Zagore, All-Pro Decorating, Hoffman Estates, IL

Thank you. Should prove very useful.
– Chuck Myers, R.S.T.I., Solon, OH

Very good product.
– Joseph Steckel, The Aerospace Technologies Group, Inc., Columbus, OH

Actually, I will use this at two locations. One I’m a consultant, at the other, editor.
– Darwyn Lumley, AARK, Placentica, CA

Had raised $78 million without BizPlan Builder/ Expect more with BizPlan Builder!
Stephen Lannes, Santa Cruz, CA

Invaluable tool for assembling our business plan! Thanks!
– Dan Casey, On Top Graphics Consulting, Charlestown, MA

BizPlanBuilder is the product that helped convince me & my partner that our business would succeed.
David Trupek, Merchant Business Systems, Broomfield, CO

I’m very impressed with JIAN’s attention to detail.
– Stphen M. Miley, Miley Development Corp., Melbourne, FL

This program is so complete it’s scary. It makes you think about what you’re doing in ways you never thought of before.
– Dean Goldman,Goldstone Music, Spring Valley, NY

The BizPlanBuilder was a life saver in dealing with SBA loans and investors. You have to be so perfect and BizPlanBuilder allowed me to do so. Thanks.
– Shirley Duncan, Duncan Enterprises, Wheeling, IL

Good organization of files. Very helpful!
– Sue Gomez, Worth Ethic Training CO., San Jose, CA

Helps start-up business with direction towards success! This is tremendous software.
– Cynthia A. Garfold Andrejco, PVM Consultants, PGH, PA

Just started to use it. I love the program. I sold a friend on your program as soon as I got mine.
– Wm C. Adams, Associated Sales, The Built in Appliance People, Phoenix, AZ

It is definitely the jump start to my success!
– John Hennessy Jr., The Hennessy Companies, Delray Beach, FL

Excellent value. We are extremely pleased with this product both use and content.
– Richard A. Cecere, Global Design Industries, Staten Island, NY

Simple, sensible and easy to prepare for meeting financial evaluators.
– M.L. Fry, Executive Vice President, Michigan Marketing, Reed City, MI

BizPlan Builder is great!
– Rick Stidham, Pres., D.D.S. Marketing Services, Tulsa, OK

Excellent working tool using to expand strategic plan.
– Paul F. Murphy, President, Electro Optic Technologies, Inc., Meorord, MA

– John Taylor, Owner, Hyperion, Madison, WI

Nice package.
– Karl Mighton, Acorn Ltd., Hopkinton, MA

So easy, it feels like you’re cheating on a test!
– Paul D. Johnson, Bay Investment Group, Newark, CA

A much appreciated guide for start-up; helps you plan right from the start.
– M. Khan, President, SpeechWare Inc., San Jose, CA

I feel this program is an excellent program after working with it. It makes it easy to learn.
– Dale Capen, Windsor, VA

Gives me all the formats and financial, but isn’t a canned plan it allows flexibility. Thanks.
– Jon Loveless, Strategic Business Solution, Dousman, WI

I am using this software as a class project now and I’m going to use it in the future for our business.
– Michelle Culver, Premier Manufacturing, Carlsbad, CA

Great for opening your mind up!
– Eric Whitley, Real-Time Industries, Largo, MD

The flexibility and the thoroughness of this program leave the possibilities wide open!
– Delilah Thompson, Atlantic Geoscience Corporation

BizPlan is a breath of fresh air.
– Dan Davis, DI, San Antonio, TX

I have found your BizPlan Builder a great investment to my future.
– S. Hawtin, West Wind, Vancouver, BC

Your product is the best in the business. We would not be here without it.
– Randolph Howard, Howard Consulting Group, Chicago, IL

Great program! I put a plan together before without a planner this program helped me save lots of time.
– Michael Krutsch, R & R Cases and Cabinets, Des Plaines, IL

BizPlan Builder secured my first business loan. Without it I wouldn’t have a company, plain and simple.
– Kevin Gordon, Unicorn Professional Services, Cahokia, IL

We used your Biz plan version in December 1996 and obtained a $450,000 SBA loan in 5 days. This was after we had been told by a number of “experts” (legal & financial) that it would take at least 90 days to get an approval and the most we could hope for would be $50,000 to $150,000. We were a raw start-up with absolutely no assets. The only thing we had going for us was our experience in the same business and your business plan. Thanks for your part.
– John K. Farr, II, AdhesiveFilms, www.AdhesiveFilms.com

Outstanding package.
– D. Routenberg, Vienna, VA

Superb manual!
– Robert Knauff, Robert’s Cameras Etcetera, St. Louis Park, MN

Nice product!
– Noel Jaimes, H.B. Investment Group, La Mirada, CA

The BizPlan Builder, text format and prompts, provide a comprehensive, disciplined approach to preparing your business plan!
– Peter Gregg, HHW Consultancy, Halifax, NS

Like the program.
– Edward Hamilton, Kramik Ink Company, El Toro, CA

Program seems excellent.
– Edward Streim, Cardona Ind. USA Ltd., Great Neck, NY

This program has provided me with the needed assistance in getting my business started.
– Scott Keadel, Scott’s Power Tool Service Control, Torrance, CA

Looked at it like it looks great can’t wait to get started. Your customer service and manual are A+.
– Linda White, WRAP Ltd. Business Support Serv., Las Vegas, NV

Specialized software like BizPlan Builder is needed in today’s fast-paced setting.
– Lenard Hoener, Seattle Publishing Group, Seattle, WA

We selected BizPlan Builder because it provided comprehensive text and financial templates.
– Mike Donofrio, Owen & Donofrio, Green Brook, NJ

It has made us think…
– Duffy Eves, Spokane Imagesetting, Spokane, WA

– Wen Jea Whan, Output Network, Lakewood, CO

More business managers should know about the time saving services like this.
– V. Rex Hibner, Telright, Tallahassee, FL

Excellent product.
– Dan Osborne, Currancy Dinamics, Melbourne, Australia

You saved my life and ensured career success with this program.
– Mary Lynne Cibic, Los Angeles, CA

Excellent program, easy to use, division launched with ease due to your program and excellent response.
– Dr. John Kutzko, Pharm Care Infusion, Inc., Nocamis, FL

Outstanding package.
– D. Routenberg, Vienna, VA

Easy to use, good plan, very helpful.
– Terry L. Price, Pine Creek Scenic, San Diego, CA

Looks great right out of the box!
– Bill Stabler, SRO Companies, Laurel, MD

Just purchased BizPlan Builder – literature shows plan is user friendly and not over priced.
– Joseph Dennis McGee, Western Euro United, Inc., Houston, TX

Very detailed.
– Deborah A. Zasrko, DZigns, Los Angeles, CA

Good job.
– Joseph Petrone, Pleasenton, CA

Love BizPlan Builder. Streamlined the whole process of making a big plan.
– John Burns, Lindy Pindy Tiny Press, San Francisco, CA

BizPlan Builder saves time and effort, 60% of my plan was done for me, now all I have to do are revisions.
– Vincent Tyler, Tyler Computer Solutions, Lake Peekskill, NY

The book in itself is very useful.
– Berthelot, France

Thank you.
– Jaime Diaz, Accolade Concrete, Fairfield, CA

Very thought provoking about what we are doing and should do.
– Ernest Kulnies, Pallet Inc., Toronto, Canada

I do not have good credit history, which of course has made it difficult for me to obtain a loan, but I’m sure with the expert help from your BizPlan Builder, I see high hope.
– Henry Lake, Grit Lake Corporation, Chicago, IL

Looks great!
– Scott Kaczor, Owner To Owner, Inc., West Palm Beach, FL

I hope this software helps us reach the success we believe we can achieve.
– David E. Kraettli, Apogee Engineering and Survey Ltd., Colorado Springs, CO

Excellent program, will save months in preparation and development time.
– Rod Gore, Arenaco, Inc., Richmond, B.C., Canada

Helped get over the initial plan prep confusion.
– Robert J. Beyer, Syntrel Corp., Marrinette, WI

Manual appears to be well written, easy to read and informative.
– G. Allan Smith, Defense Business Management, San Jose, CA

Excellent Tool!
– Stephen Sparkman, Logtech Wireline Services, Inc., Tyler, TX

BizPlan Builder is great.
– Michael Greczek, Engelhard Corp., Fulshear, TX

Three months ago I started to work on a business plan, So far I have nothing to show for it.
Two days ago I bought BizPlan Builder, and I am actually well on my way. Thanks JIAN.

– H. Shadman, Crackers Riverchase, Inc., Birmingham, AL

An excellent program. Made our new division plan in less than a week!
– Pouya Habibian, IPF Software Inc., Rockville, MD

This is clearly the way to start any new business venture of any type!
– Melissa and Randall Phillippe, Mel-Ran Music, San Rafael, CA

Great, helpful products, good documentation.
– Joe Bresler, Bresler Marcom, Santa Clara, CA

Fun and exciting. Thank you.
– Karen Star, Star Systems and Strategies, Thousand Oaks, CA

I have to set up a business plan as a project in the MBA program I’m in,
BizPlan Builder is very useful and helpful for this project.

– Kenneth R. Iggsby, Dynamic Graphics Inc., Alameda, CA

Thanks. Your software helped me organize and fine tune my goals so I can increase my profit making services!!
– Kathleen Parish, Referrals, Inc., Bothell, WA

An excellent tool for developing marketing and business plans!
– Roy Brugman, New Tech Marketing, Glendale, CA

Looks great- no more excuses for not starting!!!
– Beverly Gemerek, Westminster, CO

Good product.
– Bill Gardner, William Gardner & Associates, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Extremely simple set-up to use. Anyone can do it.
– Robert Blaw, R. Allan Blaw & Associates, Minneapolis, MN

I am glad to find a comprehensive planning package with all the forms and applications.
– Trish Clay, Capital Innovations, Spring, TX

Very helpful program and well thought out. Good stuff.
– Michael E. King, Full Circle Marketing, Grass Valley, CA

Within days I have got ten new ideas and focused my plans.
– Paul Finck, Modern America Medical, Brookfield, CT

As a CFP my clients expect sound advice. BizPlan Builder allows me to do my job more effectively.
– Walter Gowens, Prudential Vanguard Financial, New York, NY

BizPlan Builder is a very valuable tool and helped me jump-start my plan.
– John Hendrick, John Hendrick, PhD, PE, Littleton, CO

It was easy to use! Gave me the tools and guidance needed to start my business.
– Tony CI, Pac Rim Communication Technologies, Poway, CA

Anticipate this will expedite my loan application preparation and annual update.
– F. Jane Hagan, JimJane Etc. Photography, Hannibal, MO

Very useful so far (not finished) good manual, valuable in itself and well worth the price.
– L.A. Bernstein, Bernstein Associates, Malibu, CA

Possibly one of my best investments.
– Ronald D. Harold, Modular Furniture Specialists, Inc., San Diego, CA

The reference section of the manual is better than any textbook protocol and is immediately useable. Thanks.
– E. Sutherland, As You Like It, Loma Linda, CA

Your programs are good,
– Thomas K. Bly, Fort Wayne, IN

Your product represents a good idea artfully conceived and executed.
– Greg Brown, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC

Simple- sensible and easy to prepare for meeting Financial evaluators.
– M.L. Fry, Michigan Marketing, Reed City, MI

Very impressed. Keep improving. I was afraid it might limit creativity. Instead, it enhanced it.
– David P. Shephard, Shephard and Co., Austin, TX

Helps start-up business with direction towards success! This is tremendous software!
– Cynthia A. Garfold Andrejco, PvH Consultants, PGH, PA

Excellent value. We are extremely pleased with the product both use and content.
– Richard A. Cecere, Global Design Industries, Staten Island, NY

Excellent working tool, using to expand strategy plan.
– Paul F. Murphy, Electro Optic Technologies, Inc., Medford, MA

Excellent product- looking forward to more of your packages.
– K.B. Dwicht, Jr., The Teleprocessors, Inc., Houston, TX

Nice and easy start to writing a business plan really cured my writers block.
– Brian Micke, Brian Micke and Associates, Goldew, CO

BizPlan Builder is great!
– Rick Stidham, D.D.S. Marketing Services, Tulsa, OK

Very helpful product, sure beats starting from square one.
– Andy Burris, AB Design, Santa Clara, CA

I have tried many books on how to write a business plan; this is the best way to write one, thank you.
– Sheryl Oberg, Oberg & Son, Antioch, CA

Allows a company to develop a high quality business plan in a short period of time.
– Trilling & Associates, Sarasota, CA

You should be very proud of your employees! It has been a pleasure working with a company that delivers! Keep up the good work!
– M. Nick Prizant, Prizham Environmental Technologies, Apple Valley, CA

BizPlan Builder truly seems to help the entrepreneur to professionally introduce him/herself to the venture capitalist.
– Marco Seppa, Finnish Venture Capital FVL OY Inc., Tampere, SF

The best software I have ever seen thank you.
– J.B. Hanson, American College London, London, UK

Excited about the template format, not enough time to do this without your help.
– K.T. Blount, Design Specialties, Inc., Poulsbo, WA

Very helpful, this not only covered areas we would have missed, it made us think in detail about areas we were less than clear on.
– David Stabb, Infinity Link Corporation, Lancaster, PA

Great program- great results!
– Karen Jackson, Delphi Press Inc., Oak Park, IL

Excellent program, took the guessing out. Needed BizPlan Builder 4 years ago. Thank you so much!
– Gwendolyn Stuart- Hall, Too Sweet Enterprises & Stuart-Singleton & Associates, Los Angeles, CA

BizPlan Builder helped us get our new project rolling. Each team member could take a field and work that section independently.
– Sandy Churchill, Key-Tronic Corp., Spokane, WA

Even for experienced managers it’s an excellent way to organize new ventures and bring out [winning direction].
– R. Bradley, Int. Info. Assoc. Inc., Yardly, PA

Versatile, very helpful not only for new business, but to help refocus and fine tune established business.
– M. Fairbank, Topeka Single Day Surgery, Topeka, KA

It’s about time! Planning a business requires a road map. BizPlan Builder is that map!
– Curtis Schwinck, Curtis Logical Systems, Inc., Oceanside, CA

Easy to use; takes the hassle out of writing a business plan.
– Tom Bowers, Bowers Technical Associates, Oley, PA

We believe our idea of trading culture between nations using your tools is the cutting edge of the upcoming Free Trade Agreement.
– Carlos Duran, Orquesta De Baja California, San Diego, CA

A good idea for organizing my thoughts.
– Robert J. Papas, Rimex, Inc., Fort Lee, NJ

I purchased BizPlan Builder a number of years ago, raised $1,000,000! with the new updated version.
– Martin Greenblat, Environmental Consumer Products, Plano, TX

Excellent program, easy to install, easy to use.
– Darrell D. Culley, Ambassador Steel, Auburn, IN

Thank you. I haven’t found any similar and excellently documented formats anywhere.
– M. Gregory Cantori, Creative Housing Corporation, Baltimore, MD

Having shied away by all the hype over writing a Business Plan this software doesn’t leave me in the dark.
– William Rhodes, TRG Systems Of Michigan, Lake Orion, MI

– John Taylor, Hyperion, Madison, WI

Great for opening your mind up!
– Eric Whitley, Real Time Industries, Largo, MD

A much appreciated guide for start-up, to help plan right from the start.
– Mahmood Khan, Speedware, San Jose, CA

Saved me thousands of dollars in time.
– William Rowan, Smart Sales International, Rockville Centre, NY

Will save me at least 40 hours.
– James R. Rhodes, Leveraged Marketing Services, Inc., Roswell, GA

Upon review, BizPlan Builder appears to be very thorough. I like the TXT and WK2 files.
– William H. Bhame, Marietta, GA

Great program! We are software distributors and tested it.
– Robert Bolte, New Day Technology, Guaynabo, PR

Great product.
– J.P. Cady, Laconia, NH

Nice documentation with the software.
– Rosa Warper, Straight Ahead Productions, Oakland, CA

Absolutely fantastic customer service performance at point of order whoever trains/owns it deserves credit.
– David Grafflin, Dexter Spec. Coatings, Richmond, CA

Wonderful technical support.
– Liz Crishree, Navarro Financial Corp., Tyler, TX

Keep on going!
– Paul Turnpaugh, Mill Direct Carpet Service, Friday Harbor, WA

– Mark Corlett, Avid Systems, Toronto, Ontario

Enjoyed the manual. It’s fabulous.
– Betty M. Claydon, Projects By Amber, Valleyview, Albert, Canada

Excellent software.
– Mavis Pogue, Phila, PA

– Samuel Williams, Earmasters of Louisiana, Metairie, LA

I think it’s an excellent software!
– Frank A. Deluca, Delrich Capital Corporation, Richmond Hill, Ont.

Excellent product.
– Michael Seifert, Media Engineers, Inc., Inverness, IL

Keep it up!
– Kambiz T. Banafishe, Simi Valley, CA

Software highly recommended by Success Magazine.
– Terrence Chambers, Inver Grove Hts., MN

Very comprehensive and easy to use.
– Dick Drossler, Drossler Res., San Francisco, CA

Excellent program
– Charles M. Southall, Charles M. Southall, Inc., San Francisco, CA

Straight forward and easy to use. Sure wish I had this in college!
– Patrick Barry, STB Interactive Multimedia, Port Jefferson, NY

Very useful and a time saver.
– Jeffrey Jordan, Data Max Int’l, Inc., Memphis, TN

– Tom Reed, T.L. Reed Investment Group, Richardson, TX

Thank you.
– Paul Serofkin, Pacer Systems, Inc., Billerica, MA

Spread sheets are great.
– C. Montana, Critters Catering,Inc., Bklyn, NY

Great product.
– Mark Politi, Zanait Publishing, Los Angeles, CA

We service many types of businesses. This program is easily applied to all of them.
– James L. McComb, California Management Advisory Group, Temecula, CA

Just the product for a business novice like me.
– Stephen C. Hall, Open Systems Group, Woodland Park, CO

Saved my butt!!!
– Rich Galuim, Foundation Health, CA

Works great… thanks.
– T.R. Karnes, Palmetto Research, N. Charleston, SC

Good program, the first well written manual.
– David Kramer, The Marketing Agency Incorporated, Boston, MA

It’s a very good tool to organize ideas and develop a new business.
– Bruno A. Calsi Jr., Biciletas Calsi SA, Sau Paulo, BR

Your product is a small business person’s dream.
– James Busby Jr., Busby & Busby, Inc., Victorville, CA

Excellent technical service from Janette when trying to convert MacWrite to WordPerfect. Great customer focus!
– William Shain, Medtronic Andover Medical, Haverhill, MA

Thanks for the quick service. First impression of BizPlan Builder is excellent!
– Michael Martin, Marin & Co., Looo Antwerp, Belguim

Excellent software. Keep up the innovation! We develop new companies and can use all of what you have.
– Kurtiss Harkness, The Harkness Companies, Redlands, CA

Your software is great!!! It helped us to get started and keep going.
– Paul A. Martin, WKP, Inc., Henderson, KY

Understandable for all levels. Very easy to operate. Manual excellent.
– Bridget Gordon Jorgeson, Personal Services, Bellingham, WA

The flexibility and thoroughness of this program leave the possibilities wide open.
– Delilah Thompson, Gilford, NH

Excellent Programs!
– Jim Malian, Moraga, CA

Great program.
– Scott Kyle, Los Angeles, CA

It’s saved a month’s time so far. I’m not the kind who has the time to read all the books, I just wanted a plan for my business, and I hadn’t done it until now.
– P.V., Nashville, TN

A very useful tool to prepare for venture into U.S. market.
– Michael Perkins, Hooton & Perkins, Attorneys, Sydney, Australia

A steal at twice the price. I will be a regular.
– John Pauley, CEO, Wistex, Product Developers & Marketers, LaCrosse, WI

I don’t know how to tell you how many hours I’ve saved using this. I’d have had 30 to 150 hours of frustration without it. Use it once and it pays for itself many times over. It really is a good product.
– J.V.K., Chicago, IL

It really saved my butt.
– Jeff Duck, The Box Shop, Santa Clara, CA

It’s excellent, just the thing we need. It’s saving us about 90% of the work. It’s tremendous and it looks good.
– Adriel Armstrong

Awesome program. It really makes life easy.
– Paul Bever, Bever Meat Company, San Mateo, CA

Great Resource.
– Nate Boyer, Dir. Private Network Sales, Washington International Teleport, Washington, DC

Comprehensive and well written.
– Helen Planchak, Pres Exec-Tech Services, New Kensington, PA

– Linda Brewer, President, Columbia Publishers, Sacramento, CA

Very useful.
– F. Kratochuil, Manager-Engineered Systems, Chicago, IL

Good job.
– Linda Koco, Freelance writer, Lakewood, OH

Good, comprehensive, nice job of outlining.
– M.D. Nadeau, Pres., NCS Assoc, Consulting & Investments

It has made us think…
– Duffy Eaves, Owner, Spokane Imagesetting, Spokane, WA

Very helpful!
– Leland Topham, President, Annie’s Attic

The mind boggles over the possibilities!
– Jose Figueroa, Gen. Manager, Triangle Broadcast Group, Puerto Nuevo, PR

Very well constructed. Meets client needs.
– John Young, Business Consultant, Sacramento, CA

– Julie Boatman, Lockeford Ranches, Stockton, CA

Saved a great deal of time.
– S. David Shaw, Retail-Women’s Clothing, Grand Rapids, MI

Thank you, we love it!
– Annette Colbert, CEO, Smith Co., Oklahoma City, OK

What I’ve been looking for in the last year! Thank you.
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