BizPlanBuilder Success with Corporate Teams

Produces an Irresistible Proposal for Management Approval

A common thread amongst large companies is the need for a standardized proposal process.
How do you compare the great ideas from your people and choose which ones best fit your business strategy and are worth funding? Now your people have the tool compelling them to gather the proper research and construct a valid business proposal that you can compare head to head with other proposals.


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Corporate Market Research and Business Planning

“As an Apple Representative, I have used BizPlanBuilder to help our partners prepare complete and professional business plans.
While there are many great features in BizPlanBuilder, two outstanding characteristics are:
1) A logical, step by step progression through the business plan process, and
2) BizPlanBuilder keeps our business partners focused on the important areas of the business.
Another key is that BizPlanBuilder is very flexible and can be modified to work for nearly any business.
I have worked with Apple partners for more than six years and have not found a better tool for developing business plans.”
~ Mike Pruneau – Sales Development Executive, Apple Computer, Inc.


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Update & Drive Worldwide Strategy…

“I needed to pull together a company wide strategy for Hewlett-Packard manufacturing… BizPlanBuilder really worked like a charm. It was a goldmine with easy to follow structure and lots of great content & ideas. We pulled a team together and interviewed about 30 senior manufacturing managers.

I expected a political nightmare trying to find agreement on strategic content and priorities, but the process actually got people to focus and work together constructively. I could have called one of the big consulting firms and spent a small fortune for a little more spit & polish, but it wouldn’t have been a better performer than your template.

Our VP Corp Mfg presented the final results across the company! We were able to produce a world-class result using a small team of resources. I definitely think BizPlanBuilder helped me, and it drove HP’s manufacturing focus for several years.”
~ Greg Jacobus, former Manager of Mfg Education & Strategy, Hewlett Packard Company

Hughes Aircraft

Hughes aircraft used BizPlanBuilder business plan software template - success case

Ordered 50 units for Corporate Planning Managers – International Expansion

“BizPlanBuilder is an invaluable resource, taking prodigious volumes of input from globally dispersed field marketers and crafting workable business plans in astonishingly short periods of time. BizPlanBuilder is a must for anyone working to coalesce the thinking of multinational business teams!”
~ Thomas M. Wittenschlaeger – Manager of Corporate Market Research, Hughes Aircraft

American Honda

Honda used BizPlanBuilder business plan software template

Builds sales

“This is a fantastic product. Helped me secure additional business commitment in half the time.”
~ Wade R. Koeller, American Honda Motor Co., Mendota Heights, MN


Rolls with collaboration

“BizPlanBuilder helped us get our new project rolling. Each team member could take a file and work that section independently.”
~ Sandy Churchill, Key-Tronic Corporation

Cisco Systems

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Cisco chooses BizPlanBuilder for Developing Countries Program…

Cisco Systems supports global network of Networking Academies

The Cisco Networking Academies are in the process of formalizing the business planning processes at each of its networking academies.

These academies are usually in or associated with Universities all over the world. In order to be highly successful, good business planning processes and practices must be in place at each academy. This involves both education as to business processes in general as well as the business process of planning for and running a Cisco Networking Academy.

The primary source of income for these academies is tuition. A customized version of BizPlanBuilder has been developed for each academy to go through a series of documents and excel worksheets answering questions and entering numbers and ultimately arriving at a business plan that contains the details for their break-even (or net recovery) point.

In addition to the standard BizPlanBuilder documents, the Cisco business plan software includes customized templates:

  • The Strategic Planning Process
  • Background
  • Vision & Mission
  • Basic Financials
  • Gap Analysis
  • Driving & Restraining Forces
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Strategic Plan (Logframe)
  • Financial Model (specially designed for a Cisco Academy)
  • Conclusion
  • Plan Acknowledgment

Additional Resource Documents

  • LDC Academy Agreement
  • Profile & Timeline of an Academy
  • Why Gender Equity?
  • Script for Soliciting Donations
  • A sample plan from the successful Stony Hill Jamaica Academy
  • We also include a version in French (only the Cisco-specific docs)

BizPlanBuilder chosen to support Networking Academies in Least Developed Countries

The pilot program for the Cisco Networking Academy Least Developed Countries Initiative (200 in Sub-Saharan Africa) is now in place generating business plans from the same tool creates reasonably consistent and predictable business plans which can be systematically executed.

Cisco managers can now review each individual academy plan and offer suggestions and support. It’s a great deal for the Cisco Networking Academy and it relieves many people at Cisco from a tremendous amount of work.

Special Pricing for Cisco Academies

Cisco Academy managers may purchase a copy of BizPlanBuilder at your special price by contacting BizPlanBuilder directly via email or by phone.

Customized BizPlanBuilder for your organization

Business Power Tools can customize BizPlanBuilder to provide your company with a personalized, company-wide business-planning platform enabling everyone in your organization to follow your defined process and submit their business plan in a standardized format. Click here to learn more about our customized business planning solution for your organization.



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