What if you could create, upgrade or update your HR management policies and procedures overnight?

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Now you can! Between our attorneys, entrepreneurial thought-leaders, HR experts and these apps & templates, the processes for efficiently managing your employees are already done for you!

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Congratulations, your business is growing!
And you’ve got employees…
but what action can you take to avoid some inevitable and costly issues?

Some people avoid creating their employee policies handbook until they get dragged to the labor board, or sued by an employee. It doesn’t have to be that way!

At some point soon, you’re going to want to implement these critical HR management policies and procedures to manage and protect your business.

You might as well start using a real system to track all your people’s data too.

And while you’re at it, you can just as easily publish your OSHA-compliant safety manual!

Everything you need is right here

Choose the just the tools you need or take advantage of our bundle subscription deal below.

When you want up-to-date employee policies, workplace procedures, job descriptions, and proper management documentation…

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hr employee policies procedures handbook manual software template cloud word

Secure access to cloud-based HR apps & templates online

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Check boxes for the sections to include.
Policies are for specific states laws.
Display online or print hard-copy.

Now you can review, edit, and publish your workplace practices with this comprehensive employee policies and procedures manual software

Here’s the easy way to create an employee policies and procedures manual to establish your “ground rules” for working at your company and to build a productive culture. We like people and presume that your employees are intelligent, well-intended individuals — it’s important to show them that you respect them as people as well as employees.

Pre-written sample employee policy handbook
includes 200+ employee policies & procedures

Eliminates most of the loopholes that competitors’ software do not. We even inserted “please” & “thank you’ in about 150 places! Developed with HR Experts (we are a member of SHRM), attorneys, successful entrepreneurs, and psychologists. This employee policy manual software template provides excellent management training, ensures that employees are treated fairly, and protects you from lawsuits.

Expert comments throughout explain issues and give direction. Includes everything you need to plan, develop & implement your employee policies and produce a comprehensive employee office policy manual.

  • App manages 200 prescripted and editable workplace policies & procedures to protect your business
  • Position Profile Builder Wizard w/ 800+ Job Descriptions
  • Pre-scripted Correspondence: Recruiting, Managing, Hiring
    • Phone Interview Forms
    • Face-to-face interview forms
    • Job candidate evaluation forms
    • Job offer/rejection letters
    • Confidentiality agreements
    • Inter-office correspondence
    • Employee Review forms, and more.
  • Easily edit or reformat to your requirements
  • Step x step instructions explain each section and offer best practices
  • Includes comprehensive Handbook of Employee Policies & Procedures Guide
  • Subscription & Download available separately for $147 / yr
  • Included in the subscription package deal below.
  • Click here to learn more…

Workplace employee policies procedures handbook manual software template cloud based

Cloud-Based App & Templates — Works for BOTH PCs & Macs!
Includes Ongoing Updates — Renews Annually

Add unlimited additional team & advisors to your
initial subscription for just $1 / mo each!
Enhanced 128-bit Cyber Security — You control access, user by user!
Give your team & consultants access to collaborate, contribute and communicate!

Employee record-keeping made easy

HR File Builder employee data record keeping software database
HR File Builder the economical employee record-keeping database

Effectively track your employee data and manage all of your personnel files

At a time when it’s imperative to keep organized, consistent, and accurate records on all employees, HR File Builder (formerly Employee File Builder) can provide you with the best possible documentation.

Secure, professional record-keeping system safeguards your company

With personnel records kept in one centralized system, multiple authorized users can gain instant access to the information they need, when they need it. Evaluating employee performance, making recommendations, preparing reports, and backing up personnel decisions and policies has never been easier. In the event personnel or legal problems ever develop, you can be confident of having the necessary records and documentation to back you up.

  • App can be downloaded separately for $297
  • Included in the subscription package deal below.

windows hr management employee data record database software app system

OSHA compliance for injury and illness prevention…

Safety Plan Builder OSHA Injury & Illness Prevention Training software template

Safety Plan Builder OSHA Injury & Illness Prevention
Training Software Template

osha safety training injury and illness prevention handbook software template

Automatically creates / adds these apps to to your handy Business Power Tools™ dashboard!
Click to enlarge.

Comprehensive software system helps you publish a written safety training handbook

Safety Plan Builder software helps you publish a custom illness and injury prevention manual to quickly and easily comply with OSHA, avoid lawsuits, train your employees, and provide a safe workplace.

Covers 161 Safe Work Practice categories

All elements of your safety plan are pre-written. Select the appropriate sections for your business or industry, then customize the paragraphs. Menus help you select the paragraphs appropriate to your state. Contains over 250 pre-written pages of industry-specific Safe Work Practices. Publish your complete safety handbook in a few minutes and be safety compliant in all 50 states.

  • OSHA safety compliance
  • Every industry / Every state
  • Easily edit or reformat to your requirements
  • Professionally formatted
  • Windows and/or Macintosh
  • Downloadable or accessible in the cloud for $147 / yr
  • Included in the subscription package deal below.

online osha written safety plan handbook manual training software template app system

Cloud CRM System

Online small business CRM and project management system
Easy Online Contacts, Deals, & Project Management System

Connect with vendors, manage your projects & build a more profitable business

Business Power Tools’ CRM system does a lot more than customer relationship management. Compared to many of the CRM systems we’ve seen, we chose the one that also, tracks, projects, to-do’s, deals, calendar. (Yes, we licensed it from a prominent boutique software development company and then paid them more to tweak it further.)

  • Track investors, customers, potential team members — even projects, to-do’s, deals and calendars
  • Windows and/or Macintosh
  • Syncs with Outlook Access on iPhone or Android
  • Subscription available separately for $14.97 / Mo
  • Included in the subscription package deal below!

online cloud-based crm contact relationship project, media, task management software app system

Want a money-saving headstart with your attorney?

best jian Agreement Builder sample business contract template software app word

165 Sample business contract templates

These sample HR contract templates put the right documentation in place with your people

When you document your deals right the first time, you can keep the skeletons out of your closet!

With this HR management software bundle, we’ve included a sub-set of our sample business contract collection to help you get started on the right foot. (They are available separately for $30)

  • Word templates work with both Windows and/or Macintosh
  • Assignment of Pre-Employment Works
  • Background Research Release ~ Comprehensive
  • Background Research Release ~ Simplified
  • Employee Invention Assignment Agreement
  • Employee Non-Compete Agreement
  • Employee Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreement
  • Employee Stock Bonus
  • Employment Agreement ~ Employee
  • Employment Agreement ~ Executive
  • Employment Continuation Agreement
  • Employment Termination / Separation Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Severance / Separation Agreement
  • HR sample contract template collection available to download for $29.97
  • Included in the subscription package deal below.

sample business agreement contract template word

Looking for a special subscription bundle offer?
Get ALL of these HR apps & templates for $34 / mo

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This subscription package deal includes all of these apps & templates… Plus, ongoing updates! Add more users for just $1!

  • Employee Manual Builder – Workplaces policies and procedures handbook software template
  • HR File Builder – Employee Record-Keeping system
  • Safety Plan Builder – OSHA-compliant safety training & procedures
  • CRM System – Track vendors, advisors, potential team members — even projects, to-do’s, deals and calendars
  • BONUS!: Business Security Builder – Pre-scripted security and loss-prevetion polices & procedures
  • Selected Sample HR Contract Templates
  • Includes Ongoing Updates & Upgrades

cloud JIAN HR Management employee policy safety training plan handbook software template online

Add unlimited additional team & advisors
for just $1 / mo each!
Enhanced 128-bit Cyber Security
You control access, app by app, user by user!

Give your team & consultants access to collaborate or just read-only

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