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Business Black Belt


Foundation Elements of Conscious Business in Practice

70+ good, bad, crazy… real-world lessons all worth learning…

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Burke Franklin

Creator of BizPlanBuilder® and founder of Business Power Tools®

Business Black Belt chronicles the application of lessons learned from 38+ years of “personal development” training, martial arts, flying, and real-world business success building companies — to inform your decisions and ideas for dramatically improved outcomes in every area

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Real-life business lessons for the inner entrepreneur…

M any people can teach you funding metrics, KPIs, how to avoid taxes, increase ‘likes’ or improve your SEO…

But, I’m here to talk about YOU!
You are the spiritual leader of your business.
You are the driving force making it go…

“It’s not personal, it’s just business!” 🙁 So we’ve been told. But wait…
What if… It’s not just business, it’s personal? And maybe more personal than you think?

To the voices of all the wise teachers I’ve known and studied, I humbly add my own personal experience, learning and methodology so that other entrepreneurs can access their true power and way of being.

As far as I know, I’m one of the few who has studied personal development (some call it “awareness & consciousness”) for more than 37 years, applied it directly to building and running a business, and then wrote a book to share what I learned!

“I’m always hesitant about reading business books written by so called consultants. Anyone can give himself the title of consultant. All they have to do is read a couple of books on the latest business trends and start using the jargon picked up from the reading. What I love about Business Black Belt is that Burke Franklin has been down the road, up and down, several times. His is a narration from the trenches of battle, not from the comfort of a battle cruiser a few miles out at sea.
He tells it to you with all the gory details that business life entails. Most of the books that are out there right now are written by infopreneurs that are trying capitalizing on our thirst for answers. Alas, most of these writers’ knowledge of business consists of cashing the checks they receive from their publishers. The wisdom contained in this book is more valuable than what you’ll learn from reading all the current business bestsellers. Buy this book. You can thank me when you’re done.” ~ Adolfo Bernal Jr., Austin, TX

A deeper look into conscious business and personal strategies and how to apply them to your business

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Much of what we do, how we do it,
and why we do it is unconscious.

Reading this book and others like it will help us to avoid
doing those things unconsciously, make better decisions
and take appropriate action for everyone’s good.

Here’s your 20-year headstart!

Nominated to “Forbes’ Top 20
Most Influential Business Books
of the Past 20 Years

I hate it when good products, companies or people fail! And I wanted to share what I’ve learned from building my own business over 30 years compounded by creating software to help others build theirs.⇐ Click on this brief video and I’ll tell you about it.


True stories of successful business-building…

In 1980, I attended my first “awareness & consciousness” workshop. Magic occurred and I’ve been studying and practicing it ever since! (I’ve been through the “woo woo” and the “magical thinking” stages and here I teach what I think of as a “pragmatic consciousness.”) And, for what it’s worth, I started my own martial arts training about the same time I started Business Power Tools (originally known as JIAN) and immediately noticed many parallels.

Your business is a reflection of your own ethos — look within and fix(?) your thinking before you try to fix everything and everyone else!

I’ve been infusing this perspective, knowledge, and wisdom into Business Power Tools products and blogs in order to educate and influence people through business. I like to think of Business Black Belt as an action manual of higher awareness and applied intuition!

Picks up where most business schools, consultants, and gurus leave off…

There are more than 100 insights, tricks, tips, hacks and ideas to help you to see danger before it gets you, not “step in something,” as well as make better decisions faster.

  • Business Black Belt is real, raw and relevant
  • It’s a fast, informative read
  • 70 brief stories clearly make each point in one sitting
  • Business Black Belt makes a great gift for the entrepreneurs in your life!

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“Mr. Franklin is coming from a place of ensuring competitive advantage by assuming that he cannot rest on his laurels and stop marketing or valuing customers. I appreciate this very much. I agree that even that even the invoices and phone contacts with clients are sales components; they represent your company’s tone and values.
The final chapter discusses business plans, which is appropriate. His book leads us from the big idea state of building a business to formal plans to work from and sell to investors. His tips on writing effective copy are no less practical and clear than the rest of the book. I certainly find his writing style to be compelling, pragmatic yet it informed by esoteric/spiritual values which ring true for me. I look forward to using my his [BizPlanBuilder business plan software] program to work with my capstone project and other business interests.”
~ Antioch College MBA student

What other successful business thought leaders say

Scott Degarmo recommends reading business black belt
Scott DeGarmo
former Editor-in-Chief & Publisher
SUCCESS Magazine

“I loved Business Black Belt! This book is a uniquely powerful success manual. It is jam-packed with useful insights that will enable you to win in business and in life. Author Burke Franklin has total credibility thanks to his accomplishments in the martial arts combined with his brilliant career in business. Compared to this tour de force, most other business books I read spend lots of pages hitting and missing and groping and fumbling when it comes to delivering practical information. This one flies to the mark over and over again, on page after enlightening page. Most unusual of all, and most gratifying, is that Franklin genuinely succeeds in applying lessons from the martial arts — and from other forms of physical endeavor — to the world of business.

The typical book that promises benefits from a field of endeavor outside of business, be it sports, war, or whatever, never actually succeeds in importing the mastery of one field into another. I suspect that the reason the attempt so often fails is that it was never intended to be much more than a gimmick for a clever title. In the case of Business Black Belt, the different disciplines are truly merged. There is also a rare sense of thoughtfulness. The ideas Franklin presents are not off-the-cuff notions slammed down on the page to meet a publishing deadline; they are hard-won insights culled with honesty and integrity from his own experience and set down with clarity so that the reader can profit from them.

Wherever you are in your career, whatever the stage or situation of your present business, reading Business Black Belt will energize and stimulate you with wisdom that is at once hard-hitting, subtle, and profound.”
~ Scott DeGarmo, former Editor-in-Chief & Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine

“Business Black Belt is a fascinating account of hundreds of business situations and how one might approach them. I found nuggets on every page. The chapters are short and filled with poignant examples.”
~ Roger McManus, Publisher, North Carolina Entrepreneur Magazine

Roger McManus endorses Business Black Belt book

ceo and entrepreneur bill hayes business black belt recommended reading for entrepreneurs

“Finally, some great business ideas that are much more than just what to do, he actually explains how to do them.”
~ Bill Hayes, President, Automatic Rain, Menlo Park, CA

“If you’re looking for practical tips and tricks you should know and use on a day-to-day basis, they’re in here!”
~ Larry Moore, Larry’s Auto Works, Mountain View, CA

Larry Moore recommends reading business black belt

Joe Kolezynski raves about Business Black Belt

“Once I started reading Business Black Belt, I couldn’t put this unique book down. It is a compendium of information, anecdotes and lessons that can be easily and immediately, applied to transform effort into success.
A one of a kind book by a businessman who has been there and can show you how to get there.”
~ Dr. Joe Kolezynski, Executive Director, Professional Golfers Career College, Windermere, FL