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Thursdays 1:00PM
(Pacific time)

I’ll be online to answer questions and discuss anything and everything related to building your business. Business plan, financing, investor pitch, market analysis, sales strategy, hiring / firing, being in your own way… discussing my blog posts.
There’s no cost…
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You’ve been using my software, reading my blog, watching my videos…

I‘ve been helping entrepreneurs and business owners for more than 37 years — mostly from within our Business Power Tools software apps and templates, and thru my blogs and book Business Black Belt, but now I’m making myself available to you.

My gift is for connecting the dots in unusual ways…
whether it’s business strategy or your thinking, let’s figure it out.

I can quickly get to the root of the issue and point out some alternatives that may work well for you. So if there’s something you need to deal with (a customer, employee, financial situation, management issue, or yourself) and there’s no one else you can talk to about it… Contact me.

“I truly enjoyed listening to you and admire your simple, yet brilliant, perspective on things. You have a natural ability to break through complexities and make things seem simple.”
~ Sonya W.

When you’re ready to hire me to help you,
we’ll keep it simple and easy to try on for size.

I charge $250/hour, but I’ll give you 30-minutes free to see if I can help:

  • We can talk about your business
  • Answer questions and give feedback on your business plan
  • Strategize about funding and investors
  • Give you feedback on your investor presentation — Things investors may not tell you
  • Review your financial model — a reality check before pitching it is a good idea!
  • Support your financing strategy and help prep you to talk with investors
  • Talk about your marketing strategy
  • Talk you off the ledge if you’re having a bad day or a catastrophic business issue
  • Or any place you feel stuck — like you just can’t get there from here…

We can cover a lot of ground in a half hour!

I can coach you myself and/or I can refer you to one of our many coaches or consultants who are better suited to handle a specific issue or project.

If you want to continue working together, we can make a new deal.
We can also create blocks of time and/or schedule regular weekly or monthly meetings.

I prefer Skype (burke.franklin), but phone is good too.
You can call me directly at 415-860-1070
(I’m in Southern California, Pacific Time)

Or click here to send me an email

When you have an entrepreneurial class or event…

Burke Franklin keynote conscious business planning raise capital entrepreneurs

Have me lead a workshop on business planning / raising capital

Perhaps my most popular topics is, “How to Build Your Business Without Funding” …which also builds momentum attractive to investors!
The presentation itself takes about 90-minutes.

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and executive coaching firm The Miles Group shows that while two-thirds of chief executives don’t get any coaching or leadership advice from outside their companies, nearly 100% of those bosses say they wish that they did.

“Even the best-of-the-best CEOs have their blind spots and can dramatically improve their performance with an outside perspective weighing in,” says Miles Group CEO Stephen Miles in a statement. “We are moving away from coaching being perceived as ‘remedial’ to where it should be something that improves performance, similar to how elite athletes use a coach.”

The CEO Revolving Door Is Speeding Up, Study Shows

Susan Adams Forbes Staff

The survey polled more than 200 CEOs, board directors and senior directors of public and private companies in North America. Some of the findings:

  • Almost 66% of CEOs get no coaching or leadership advice from outside consultants
  • A full 100% of bosses say they would be receptive to making changes based on feedback
  • Nearly 80% of directors say their CEO would welcome coaching
  • CEOs want to be coached, apart from the desires of their boards.
    The survey asked CEOs who are currently being coached, where they got the idea to get help. Some 78% said it was their own idea. Twenty-one percent said it was the chairman of the board’s idea.
  • CEOs prefer to be private about their coaching.
    More than 60% said that they keep news of the progress they’re making between them and the coach. Only a third said they share the information with the board. Stanford professor David Larcker, who also worked on the study, says that sharing progress with boards can improve the relations between boards and CEOs.
  • CEOs’ chief area of concern: getting help handling conflicts.
    Nearly 43% of CEOs said that “conflict management skills” was their highest priority. Top bosses often get tapped for difficult decisions above all other problems.
  • Boards’ chief area of concern: CEOs need to improve talent development.
    While CEOs want help resolving conflicts, boards are eager for CEOs to work on their mentoring and motivational skills, and to improve their ability to show compassion and empathy. Boards also want CEOs to hone their persuasion skills. These are obviously more nuanced, less tangible skills and possibly more difficult to coach. “However, when combined with the ‘harder’ skills, improving a CEO’s ability to motivate and inspire can easily make a difference in his or her overall effectiveness,” says Miles.