You Subscribed to Our BizPlanBuilder for a Purpose…

We get it…
Writing a business plan just may not be your thing.
It’s not something one does every day, but…
obviously you recognize the value of having a good business plan.

  • To get organized…
  • To verify the feasibility of your idea(s)…
  • To build a “case” for investment, partnership, collaboration, joint-ventures, loans, financing, equipment…
  • Raise capital…
    So you can hire your team, buy stuff, and build your business…
  • Or, your business is taking off and you need to reign-in the chaos…
  • To level up your organization
  • To build the proper foundation & structure enabling you to scale from $1-5 million to $10+ million
  • It’s all about building a business with clarity of purpose and direction
  • You’re Selling Your Business and Want the Most for It

No matter what…
Getting stuck is not getting you there.

Let’s fix that right now. Your business is in the balance.
And, even though it may not be your thing, you must be involved – it is YOUR plan.

It All Leads to a Higher Business Valuation

You Sell Your Business at a Higher Price

Higher ‘Pre-Money” Valuation for Investors…
You give up less if your company for their investment.

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While I offer a free session to jump-start your success using BizPlanBuilder,
I also offer an add-on business plan coaching / consulting / training where I
will personally walk you through setting-up your business plan, filling in your
financial model, and developing your pitch and pitch deck.

I’ll work with you as much as possible, evaluate, fix and refine your clarity
and purpose – and give you the feedback you need.

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In the Trial Phase Or Just Subscribed?

Schedule a Zoom Tour Specific to Your Needs
I’ll Help You Get Started!

Done-for-you setup in the first 30 days, then 60 days of coaching/support as your client implements a process.

5 Weeks Personal 1:1 Business Plan Coaching

While we designed the BizPlanBuilder system be do-it-yourself (DIY) to be most
economical for you vs. paying some else $3,500 – $10,000 to do it for you,
I can also work with you to accelerate your project.

Plus, I’m the guy who created the system!
I want to work with you personally because I love it and I’m curious to learn from you about our system.

  1. Get Your Business Plan Set-Up and Launched
  2. A Month of 1:1 Coaching with Me
    • Business Plan
    • Financial Model
    • Pitch Deck
    • 2-Page Executive Summary
    • 30-Second “elevator” pitch (+ delivery coaching)
  3. Anything You Want to Talk About

5 Weeks: $950
We Meet via Zoom for a 60-90 Minute Session Every Week


Invest In 1:1 Coaching to Launch Your Business plan

Where Are You Stuck In Your Business?

It’s important to me that you are successful with Business Power Tools.
To be sure, I may be able to help.

Would it be useful if I were to offer some 1 on 1 “jump-start” coaching to help you wherever you need it to keep going?
I do offer a FREE Session to get you going, you may be good to go, you may want more help…


Here Are Some Ideas:

  • Get your project properly set-up and get you started
  • Feedback on your business plan — Things others aren’t aware of that may cause doubts
  • Strategize about funding and investors
  • Feedback on your investor presentation — Things investors may not tell you
  • Review your financial model — A reality check before pitching it
  • Support your financing strategy and help prep you to talk with investors
  • Talk about your marketing and selling strategy
  • Discuss your business — Things you may not want to share with anyone else
  • Talk you off a ledge if you’re having a bad day or a dicey business issue!
  • Or any place you feel stuck — like you just can’t get there from here…


Next, How about this… $150 for an hour together.
We can cover a lot of ground in an hour!
Need more? Let’s talk…

Secure a Time for this Consultation
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“I need tech support more than anything.
Someone who can sit by my side and be my hands on the machine.
I need an assistant who can translate my voice and ideas into your business power tools because it takes me 10 times longer than a normal person to get anything done on a computer.
And right now I am cash critical.
And time critical.”

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