Peter Howley investor in JIAN

Howley Management Group, Petaluma, CA
Peter Howley is a serial entrepreneur with unprecedented experience in building high growth disruptive service companies in the telecom sector. As Chairman of The Howley Management Group he works closely with Entrepreneurs, CEO’s and Boards to turn great ideas in to great businesses. Peter has the distinction of leading his first venture backed company through IPO and acquisition into the pages of American business history as CEO of Centex Telemanagement. It was recognized as one of the fastest growing, best managed, most profitable companies in America. It retains a cult status in the service industry. Peter joined the founders of Exodus Communications, a Global Web Hosting Company, at its inception. He continued to advise and serve on the post IPO Board until June 2000. Exodus still holds a NASDAQ record for 13 consecutive quarters of greater than 40% revenue growth. As the CEO/co-founder of IPWireless, Inc., Peter raised more than $120 million in venture capital. His leadership was instrumental in the company’s acquisition by Nextwave last year. See him here >>