The Best Ways to Follow-Up On Publicity


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Once you get publicity, it’s very important to follow up on it.

This chapter discusses ways to monitor your coverage, maximize the benefits of positive reviews, and maintain good relations with the press even after less-than-favorable reviews.

We also discuss a method for estimating the value of the publicity you receive.

Acknowledge Good Reviews

If the review is good, how do you show your appreciation to the reporter?
Is it a good idea to send a thank you note, a gift, or make dinner reservations to demonstrate your appreciation?

Your best option may be to arrange a lunch meeting.
The meal does not violate the strict ethical code many publications have created for their reporters that prohibit them from accepting gifts.

This is a nice gesture, and it also serves two business functions:

  • Reporters can keep in contact with sources, which is part of their job; and
  • You can use the lunch meeting to update reporters on your company and your developments.
  • Never, ever, ever send a gift.

Publications have policies prohibiting their reporters from receiving gifts.
Some people, however, do send flowers to reporters.
In any case, a thank you note is always appropriate.