How to Use PR to Get Pre-Show Coverage


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If you’re an exhibitor, your company can get press coverage even before the show begins. This strategy will help you draw attendees to your booth, and generate excitement among reporters, because you have been blessed with editorial credibility.

Many shows publish newspapers that are given free to conventioneers. These newspapers contain articles about new products that will be introduced at the show. To be included in the show daily newspapers, follow these steps:

• Find out who edits the show daily when you register for your show space.

• Call the editor and find out when the deadlines are. Some shows have deadlines up to six weeks before the show; others print at the show itself.

• Supply the editor with materials well in advance of the deadlines. Include the number and location of your booth at the show so interested reporters and attendees can find you.

As with press releases, you want to tell the editor what is new about your product. Keep in mind the difference between features and benefits. Also, a photo can increase the chances of getting coverage in a show daily, so send one to the editor along with your other materials.

Industry (trade) publications may print special show issues before the convention that describe interesting products to be introduced at the show. Contact your target reporters at these publications to inquire about special show issues and their corresponding deadlines.