Imagine having a secure, collaborative platform loaded with the essential tools to plan, execute and manage the businesses of each of your clients…

How much could you expand your ability to attract and manage more clients?

Business Power Tools used be JIAN, until we sold the URL…
That story is here...

Please let me explain…

It may seem that our software competes with business coaches, consultants, attorneys and other business advisors. However, when they started using our software templates themselves to write business plans and marketing plans for themselves and their clients, sales took off! (For all of us!)

Today, consultants can use a dozen business software templates to expand your practice, earn a % of referral sales, and collaborate with clients all over the world. We will even send you more clients! We at Business Power Tools would rather be your best friend than competitor. (We’ve never run an ad that said, “Use our software and save on consulting fees!”)

Why we like business coaches & consultants so much!

  1. You “get it” about the importance of business plans and the tools we offer…
  2. You understand the “realities” of business, not “magical thinking”
  3. You can further support our customers with hands-on help
  4. You recommend Business Power Tools to your clients

Our customers need all the help they can get and that’s where you come in.

We’re creating partnerships with consultants giving you more to offer your clients as well as a better way of managing projects with them. If you are such an advisor / consultant / expert, we have a number of profitable growth options for you.

For $1… Get a 30-Day subscription to ALL of our apps & templates!

JIAN small business software template onine for consultants and coachesAccess ALL Business Power Tools apps & templates for 30-days for $1!
See how easily you can build a more profitable consulting business.
Continue your subscription to all of our tools for just $37/mo

Tools to supercharge your consulting practice:

  • Business planning system for funding or strategy
  • Marketing strategy planning template
  • 33 marketing calculators
  • Employee policies handbook
  • 165 sample business contract templates in plain-English.
  • OSHA safety training handbook template
  • Employee incentive stock options template
  • Insert your own Content
  • CRM System with email management and To-do lists by department
  • Ongoing updates & upgrades
  • Collaboration enabled between Windows & Macintosh
  • ALL in one dashboard system that manages these projects with your clients
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Here’s a glimpse of what the Business Power Tools system looks like

Here’s a glimpse of the BizPlanBuilder wizard.. Click to See it BIGGER!


Here’s a glimpse of HR Manual editor
ALL of our apps work the SAME way!

HR Manual editor

Here’s a glimpse of HR management suite
We’re adding tabs and tools all the time!

HR management templates and software

Use them for leverage to build your business for yourself and your clients!

JIAN small business software template online for consultants and coachesUse any/all Business Power Tools apps & templates for 30-days for $1! For example: Put an employee handbook together for a client! (Every company with employees needs a policies handbook!)

Here is a unique system that enables you to get some real traction with more clients and do more for them for more money with less work!

Perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve used BizPlanBuilder or any of our software. We’ve accomplished a lot over the years and they’re better than ever! Now BizPlanBuilder is web-based and you can collaborate online — even between PCs and Macs! 

But wait! There’s more… Here are a dozen opportunities to expand your practice, reach out and build your business for yourself and your clients!

  • $1 for a 30-Day subscription to all these apps & templates!
  • The business essentials in one convenient collaborative platform enabling you to work with a multitude of clients using the same system
  • We charge your credit card $1 to keep it real for both of us.
  • Continue your subscription to all of our tools for just $37/mo
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“The tools you offer through your site are invaluable to consultants both old and new. What you offer is something unique, interactive, and educational. It takes some of the leg work off of the consultant and can be one of the most valuable tools in his or her toolbox.
~ David Kulawiak, Risk Management Specialists,

Advantages Business Power Tools offers business coaches & consultants

consultants compare business plan software templates

Steroids for your consulting practice!

  1. Increases your value proposition with a suite of proven business-building software apps & templates — Use them to show clients how much more you can do for them!
  2. Online collaboration makes it easier to work together with your clients.  You can even insert your own content to customize the templates!
  3. It’s easy to maintain your oversight over all of your clients’ projects
  4. More clients through our FREE Expert Referral Network — Our customers can find you and contact you to become new clients. For example:

“Hi Paul [the consultant],
Per your recommendation, I bought and began using Business Power Tools Biz Plan Builder. It’s pretty easy to use and really straight forward – a good way of organizing ideas I think.

I wanted to check your availability and see if there’s a time we would be able to meet up and discuss the Financials — if you aren’t free outside of your regular office hours, I may just have to email you questions. I still have a lot of assumptions to input, but once I’m a bit further along, we can collaborate.

Josh [the client]”

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We’re all about helping you make more $$$ from more clients!


Dashboard enables added value with clients

  • Helping your clients write a good business plan creates the blueprint for more consulting. With BizPlanBuilder, it’s easy because it’s already organized and written—together you can complete the sentences and edit the variables. Like all of Business Power Tools’ apps, it’s collaborative so you get it done quickly and easily, and have a working blueprint to go forward!
  • Helping your clients figure out how much money they want inspires more consulting. And you’re front and center for that gig!
  • Collaborating efficiently just makes everything easier! No more swapping emails, cutting and pasting, and sorting thru “conflicting copies.”
  • Expanding your repertoire is easy with the additional tools included. Now you can stay working with your clients longer!

“Just a note of thanks and appreciation for dealing with you over the years. I have found your software to be unique, easy to use and very helpful in my practice. Also, I deeply appreciated the excellent response you gave when I needed help.”
~ Ben Clements, Newtown, PA

Our dashboard is your shared workspace to engage & manage more clients!

BizPlanBuilder business plan software system builds business for consultants

Write an unlimited number of business plans, marketing plans, employee policy handbooks…

You can create as many projects as you like for yourself and your clients. Use the online system to organize and edit the docs, then print hard-copy for your clients. Crank ’em out!

With more clients coming to you, the system manages them most efficiently!

Clients can follow along, add their input, and do some of the work while you provide the expertise. Add the rest of their employees and give them read-only access so they can access the employee polices, safety procedures, etc. online!  Keep the team and other employees aligned and focused on achieving the company’s most important objectives. No need to print hardcopy of manuals, etc.

Sign up your clients, add more tools, have them add more users… Everyone wins! And you get paid every month!

By giving you a $1 access to the entire BusinessPowerTools™ system for 30-days, you can experience the power and possibilities of using it for yourself and with your clients.

“As former president of the Connecticut Chapter and active national director of the 8,000 member Turnaround Management Association, I’ve been using BizPlanBuilder in my successful consulting practice since our first conversation 15 years ago. It’s fantastic!”
~ Stephen A. Oster, The Oster Group, Inc., Greenwich, Connecticut

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These apps & system have worked for many Coaches & Consultants…


Here’s what other coaches & consultants told us:

“Iown a full service Advertising Agency in NH. I use several of your products on a regular basis. We use Employee Manual Maker and Employee File Builder for HR, Agreement Builder to build many of our agreements with long-term clients, customers, and vendors, MarketingBuilder to build the templates to many of our marketing, advertising, and public relations plans, and BizPlanBuilder to build our business plan and corporate structure.

You don’t have to be new to business to use these plans. I’ve been in business for nearly 25 years, and I find these programs every bit as useful now as I did when I was learning as a new business owner. I maintain my upgrades because there is always new and better information supplied in the programs.

These guys know EXACTLY what they are doing, and how to do it. I had one situation where BizPlanBuilder came in unbelievably useful. I was hired by a small record label in Tampa, FL to put together a business and marketing plan for them to use to raise $350,000 in capital for their company. I was also hired to make the presentations to potential investors. Using both BizPlanBuilder and MarketingBuilder, I created the needed presentation.

My first appointment was with seven Tampa Bay Buccaneers interested in investing. After making my 35 minute presentation, I was unable to raise the $350,000 the record label wanted to raise. These seven men wrote checks totaling $575,000! Super Bowl thanks to you for creating such a fantastic software package. I use several of their products regularly in my business. I wouldn’t even try to expand my business without them.”
~ James J. Albion, President, ZMJ Enterprises, Marketing & Advertising Agency, Dover, NH,

“Even for experienced managers it’s an excellent way to organize new ventures and bring out [winning direction].”
~ R. Bradley, Int. Info. Assoc. Inc., Yardly, PA

“Very well constructed. Meets client needs.”
~ John Young, Business Consultant, Sacramento, CA

“What I’ve been looking for in the last year! Thank you.”
~ Larry Ballard, Consultant, Litchfield, IL

“I love the program! It suits my business needs, professional & easy to use.”
~ Mae Clark, Carlisle Group, Inc., Dallas, TX

“My client secured a $142,000 SBA loan using your software!”
~ Bill Bishop, America Design, Atwater, CA

“Great tool for facilitating a business planning session.”
~ Tom Pooton, Current Concepts, Eden Prairie, MN

“I bought Biz Plan primarily for the financials. They will be extremely helpful to me in setting fees.”
~ Paul Rock, Business Performance Specialists, Knoxville, TN

“The Biz Plan Builder is clear and easy to use for individual clients and groups.”
~ Robert Davis, Julius and James, LTD., Springfield, IL

Subscribe your clients to assure payment! (an idea…)


Include the dashboard in your client engagement…

To engage more clients in longer-term, more lucrative projects, provide each client with their own subscription. Within the subscription, you, your clients, and their team have private, secure access to the entire BusinessPowerTools™ system online.

Subscribe for your clients and keep control…

As the system Admin, you set up their subscription and control who on their team has Admin, Editing or Read-Only access to each of their apps.

  • Mark-up the subscription, include it with your fees — we pay you 30% of our prevailing subscription rates on all referred software and/or subscription sales.
  • When you are satisfied with payment for your work, you can enable Admin access to your client!
  • When an engagement ends, replace your credit card with that of your client. You continue to earn 30% on their subscription!

Add yourself to our Affiliate Referral Partner Program to create subscriptions that make you money:

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Help our subscribers find you

business funding raise capital consultant client dashboard

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If you are an Attorney, Business Consultant, or CPA, you’ll want to participate in our Expert Referral Network!

Business owners often like to do things themselves, but the very things that make their businesses unique, can also create some glitches… that’s where you come in. You’re an expert and you work nearby. While they’re using our software to handle a variety of business projects, they often want a professional to help or review their work, offer additional advice, address unique circumstances, and introduce them to important contacts.

List yourself in our our Expert Referral Network now and enable qualified clients to find you at just the right time.

They can contact you directly.

“It costs me a fortune in time and effort to find, schmooze and sign on a new client. Business Power Tools’ customers are made to order… and they’re ready to work with me. Plus, I’ve got the software these people are using, so I’ve got an advantage over most other consultants. It’s the least expensive marketing investment I can imagine.”
~ Dick Fisher, President, Business Loss Prevention Group

Normally $37/ mo => BUT, for now we want to add you to the network so hurry and get in while it’s FREE!

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JIAN small business software template onine for consultants and coachesAccess ALL Business Power Tools apps & templates for 30-days for $1!
See how easily you can build a more profitable consulting business.

Supercharge your consulting practice with these tools and client dashboard

  • All Business Power Tools software titles:
    • Business planning system for funding or strategy
    • Marketing strategy builder planing template
    • 33 marketing worksheets
    • Employee Manual Builder
    • 165 sample business contract templates in plain-English.
    • OSHA Safety training handbook template
    • Employee incentive stock options template
  • CRM System with email management and To-do lists by department
  • Plus many more Word, Excel and PowerPoint templates
  • A hard-copy of Business Black Belt (including shipping & handling)
  • Ongoing updates & upgrades
  • Automatic sharing of common data between apps
  • Collaboration between Windows & Macintosh users
  • 24/7 access / 128-bit encryption
  • ALL in one dashboard system that manages these projects with your clients
  • 30-Days Free — See how they work for you and your clients, continue for $37/mo
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Clarification — When does a client require their own subscription?

business management consultant strategic planning software apps templates

“Is it possible to create various business plans with the same tool kit or whether an upgrade is needed to use the tool for different business ideas as it is common with some other online business plan tools?”

You can write as many business plans as you want with one account.

If you are writing them for clients and you want a client to collaborate, you can give them access…
However, giving access to business plans gives them access to all of your business plans.

The idea is that security is built around the subscription because the subscription manages apps and templates for all areas of a business:
Planning, Finance, Legal , HR, Management, Marketing, PR, Procedures, R&D, Sales…

Within a subscription you can add as many people as you want, while controlling what they have access to and whether or not they can just read-only or have editing (read/write) capability.
ex. All employees could have access to the business plan, employee policies handbook, and safety procedures, but set to read-only.
This way everyone working for a company can contribute and be made aware of things specific to that company.

All that said, if it’s just you writing a business plan, you can write as many as you want.

If a plan is for different clients requiring access for collaboration / review, each would require their own subscription.
We think you’ll find the subscriptions reasonable — a de minimis portion of the fee a client pays for a project.
Given all the tools available, consultants gain many advantages for landing new clients as well as continuing to serve existing clients.


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  • Sleiman El Khoury


    I am interested in your products and I like the consultant toolbox package, but I need to check some points:
    In Biz Plan Builder do you have sample plans for different industries? Can you provide me with the full list.
    Does the consultant toolbox cover 10 years financial projection? and what-if scenarios?
    Does the financial projection cover all ratios? or mainly investors related ratio only? Does it includes industry benchmark ratio?
    Do you have samples for different job description for different titles which covers also the procedures?
    The Agreement templates are only for USA or can be used for international business?
    As the consultant toolbox is cloud-based tool, so I can’t use the financial projection with what-if scenario locally, is that right?

    I am waiting your feedback to proceed.
    Best Regards,

  • Burke Franklin

    For a list of the business plan industry templates click here and scroll about half way down:
    BizPlanBuilder Online

    The 10-year financial model is an upgrade option – see it here (just below BizPlanBuilder): 10-year Financial Model

    I think we calculate more ratios than any business planning software, click here to see the description page:
    Each ratio is fully explained and has a field where you can enter the ratios from BizStats and the system automatically calculates the variance.

    We also include the Excel financial models as well with the cloud system so you can work on what-if scenarios locally.

    We have 800 job descriptions in a wizard-driven database.

    The agreement templates are in plain-English and most have global application — we have many international customers using them.
    You can read all of them here: Sample Agreements