* Growing Company – Strategic Marketing Planning, Budgeting, Contracts, PR, Sales Docs Software Templates

Sorting your options and planning marketing is made easy with Business Power Tools professionally scripted software templates. Includes 36+ Excel worksheets for better decisions, 20+ press release templates for free promo in all media, sales contracts in plain English to close deals faster… What to do and how to do it. What to say and how to say it. Click to learn more.

* Managing Growth / Compliance – Employee Policies Handbook, Job Descriptions, OSHA, Procedures, Security…

When your company reaches the painful chaos and disorganization stage… When you start to lose your grip on how things should operate, you cannot afford any costly screw-ups,
and you want to make sure things are done consistently… Try these tools.

* Starting a Business, Growing Your Company, Planning, Funding, Strategy, Systemization

Here’s your best deal on a complete software template to prepare an investor presentation (especially for people who hate writing business plans). Includes financial models, pitch deck template, letters to advisors, etc. Plus inks to multiple financing sources so you’re not locked into just one.