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How a Business Coach Makes Life Easier for Entrepreneurs



Barbara Wainwright on business coaching

Barbara Wainwright

Barbara Wainwright shares her experience on the benefits of business coaching

I’m talking with Barbara Wainwright who has been training and certifying coaches since 2006 and has trained over 5,000 coaches worldwide.

Barbara’s business experience mirrors that of the American dream, when as a single mother struggling to support her children she founded J.F. Positive Systems, Inc., a software development company which she ran for twenty-two years.

Yet despite the success of her lucrative business, Barbara felt something was missing.

With a deepening desire to give back, Barbara began her quest by sharing her knowledge and experience and helping others to succeed.

Barbara Wainwright’s goal setting, persistence, maintaining a positive attitude, self-motivation, expanding paradigm and accountability to her dreams were the key ingredients in her success, and became the cornerstone of her message. Barbara is a speaker, author, and master coach

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  • What is coaching exactly?
  • What is the difference between coaching, consulting or therapy?
  • Why would someone hire a coach?
  • What makes a great coach?
  • How does one become a coach?
  • How long does it take to be trained as a coach?
  • What should I know about your coach training program?
  • I understand that you don’t need a certification to be a coach, why is training & certification important?
  • How much can someone earn as a coach?
  • How long does it take for a coach to build a full-time practice?

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