Before You Hire Your 1st or 21st Employee


Fran Cannon on hiring

Fran Cannon

Fran offers 7 Crucial Tips to Consider First

Francis Cannon is a Business Development Coach and a Business Relationship Coach.
He holds a MBA in Business Management and a Master’s Degree in Acquisition & Contracts Management.
He has helped develop and teach business courses at Universities and he taught capital formation courses at Income Builders International.
His company, Cannon Training & Development, has conducted 20,000 hours of seminars on Business Development, Capital Formation, Business Relationship Skills and Business and Personal Success Skills.

Fran Cannon on hiring

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  • Before you hire your 1st or 21st employee…
  • Prioritizing hires
  • Specific hiring goals
  • What to have in place to be ready
  • Interview questions for culture fit
  • Job descriptions

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