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Setting-Up Your Company Structure


Matt Romney on business structure

Matt Romney on business structure

Matt Romney of Kunzler Law Group, a Salt Lake City, UT-based law-firm who specializes in Patents, Trademarks & Business Formation. Matt has 10+ years experience in business law and business financing!

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  • First, are you related to Mitt? Mitt and his family are distant cousins.
  • Let’s talk about structuring a company to attracting financing…
    • Corp – S / C?
    • LLC?
  • Why is a Delaware Corp so popular?
  • Which other states have advantages?
    • NV, WY, NM…
    • CA – what’s our problem?
    • What if one needs to change their structure to follow your advice?
  • What other issues should we be thinking about when starting up a Company?
    • Protecting your ideas
    • Corporate Structure and governance
    • Employment and executive compensation matters?
    • Who are my investors?
  • Stock [options] for founders?
    • What about vendors, contractors, and others?

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