Money & You recommends JIAN BizPlanBuilder business planning software and templates

The business plan recommended by Money & You!

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BizPlanBuilder embodies everything you learn at Money & You

Menu-driven from start to finish, its organized system gives you sample plans, built-in financials and free Internet resources. It’s the fastest and easiest way of turning your ideas into a winning plan and a successful business. BizPlanBuilder is also multi-user and enables true collaboration over the Internet. Includes pre-written Word templates, Excel financial workbooks and PowerPoint presentation template. Welcomed by banks, the SBA, angel investors, and venture capitalists worldwide.  Click here to learn more. $97.00

  • Refined over 29 years — longer than any other
  • Billions raised
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BizPlanBuilder Online, plus a few more tools to get you where you want to be…

  • BizPlanBuilder Online – finish your business plan, complete your financials and prep your presentation pitch
  • Online CRM – [Contact Relationship Management] system tracks your investors, partners and customers
  • Stock Options Builder – Inspire your team with their own %, includes calculator and doc templates
  • Agreement Builder – The usual start-up sample contract templates… LLC, etc.

Hit the ground running when you get to Money & You! Do this…

  • Contact a Money & You
  • (Pics, names and contact info forthcoming)
  • Register for the next Money & You event
  • Contact me with your registration receipt and the name of the person you worked with
  • I’ll send you the link and password

Now you’ll have your act together and your documents ready so you can run with what you learned and who you met at Money & You.

95% of success is showing up – Woody Allen

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DC Cordova recommends JIAN BizPlanBuilder business planning software and templates

Our intention is to connect women from around the world that are committed to living life full-on – at every level – and making a contribution to humanity while creating wealth for themselves and others…

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Business Power Tools recommends Money & You

Money & You recommends JIAN BizPlanBuilder business planning software and templates

I highly recommend Money & You to you if you are starting or building your business. I took the class a few years ago and learned many surprising (counter-intuitive) things that still work in my business! The strong influence of R. Buckminster Fuller added an additional dimension to my thinking as well. And there’s some great networking, ideas, consulting with many like-minded and like-spirited people bring alliances, partnerships and wisdom you just won’t get anywhere else.
Burke Franklin, Founder & CEO, Business Power Tools, Author: BizPlanBuilder & Business Black Belt

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Business Plan Class @ CEO Space

Burke Franklin teaches business planning with BizPlanBuilder business planning software and templates
Replay my CEO Space Biz Plan class

Perhaps you came to my class at CEO Space, maybe you missed it… Here is the video — you may want to first download the PowerPoint show (above) to better follow along. Click here to watch the class “The Thinking Behind Your Business Plan” right here on the Business Power Tools website.

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