Is it time to plan my escape and next steps?

And turn my ideas into a business…
I’m ready to get started now!

What’s a Nice Person Like You…

  • Subject: Before you quit your low-paying, boring job
  • You’ve got a better idea and it’s time to make it your business.

With this “toolbox” full of critical, customizable prebuilt software-driven financial, strategic and operating templates for starting, growing, and/or rebuilding my business.

First, I must answer this all-important question:
Why should I be the one to start this business and do I have what it takes to do so successfully?

At some point, I need to stop reading, stop talking, stop studying… and do it.

Here’s a 7-Minute Intro to What You Can Have Here

Is it my time to follow-up on that childhood dream?

Why spend $1,000 – $10,000 (or $100 – $500 / hr) paying someone else…
When I can easily do it myself? Quickly. Easily. Better.

Think it through first…

  1. Connect the dots
  2. Envision what it will take.
  3. See the light at the end of the tunnel before you enter
  4. Actually calculate what it will take. And…
  5. How much to get started?
  6. And… Is it really worth doing?
  7. (Am I risking my savings / retirement funds…?)


  1. Organize the moving parts.
  2. Who do I want on my team?
  3. Put together my shopping list (capital requirements)
  4. Do I have enough to get started?
  5. Do I need money from others?
  6. If so, I’ll need a compelling case for getting it.

It doesn’t need to be done or paid for all at once, but you can see when and where…
you’ll need certain things and extra help.

Walt Disney pitched Disneyland 600+ times!

Let that sink in for a moment.

Building a successful business is hard.
It doesn’t matter who you are…
You need all the help you can get.

  • Your search for online business strategies often ends in information overload. ⁣
  • You’re ready to put in the work! But you need to know that it will actually pay off in more leads, sales, and measurable growth.⁣
  • You have a message or gift that you are ready to share with the world… all you’re missing is a step-by-step process for closing the gap and dusting any mindset blocks off your shoulders while you’re at it. ⁣
Walt Disney wished he had BizPLanBulder business plan software!

Two ways to use Business Power Tools for your success:

1) Use these tools to start my business, avoid dumb mistakes

Some say to jump off the ledge and build your parachute or airplane on the way down…
And I used to agree, but now I’m smarter. And you are too.

Here’s how you can make sure you’re doing the right thing(s) before you quit your paying job and/or start spending (investing?!?) money in a new enterprise.

your “Golden Ticket”

2) Build my new business helping others building businesses.

That’s right. What if you had an impressive toolbox you could show potential clients the variety of projects you could complete for them?

It sure beats starting from scratch, doesn’t it?

We recommend starting with your business plan.

Use it yourself, add more people who can securely login to collaborate with you.
Join our Affiliate program so you can profit from your referrals to clients and others.
Now you have a solid business building platform for your own a business as well as fro helping others build theirs.

Upgrade to the Complete Strategic Business
Growth Plan / Roadmap Development System

  • Updated BizPlanBuilder Business Planning System
    Ideal for Growing the Company / Strategic Planning / Financing
    Bootstrapping / Concept Evaluation / Budgeting
    Start-Ups Raising Capital / Pre-Money Valuation
    Teaching Students "Real World" Business
    Efficiencies for Advisors & Accelerators
  • Our Best Deal for Start-Ups, Early Stage, Growing Companies, & Non-Profits
    Includes the Most Tools & Template Options
    + Expanded Dashboard
  • Compatible with All Browsers
    Progressive & Scalable — Start Small, Come Back to Edit or Add More
    Modular System with Drag 'n Drop Sequencing — Follow Step x Step or Jump-in Anywhere
  • Includes Full Access to ALL Content on Selected Panels
    Home, Business Plan, Finance, Legal, Management, R&D
  • Pre-Written, Done-For-You Sample Business Plans
    150+ Industry-Specific Sample Plan Templates Get You Going
    "SWOT" analysis crucial for strategic planning prioritizes
    Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats
    Unlike every other business plan templates, we actually intend for you to be able to use our copy vs. having to delete it or rewrite it.
  • Wizard-driven Financial Model
    Makes it Easy to Project Sales, Costs, Profits, Headcount
  • 3 Fully Customizable Excel-Based Financial Workbooks
    "Visionary Funding", "Expansion Plan", and Non-Profit Models
    Easily Adaptable to Model Your Organization
    CPA Reviewed
    If you are an Excel user, you'll love the total flexibility to customize your financial model.
    Need an Excel expert? You can find them in our Expert Referral Network!
  • Includes PowerPoint / Keynote
    Investor Presentation ("Pitch" Deck) Template
    Tutorial Guides You Step-by-Step Through a Successful Presentation.
    Comprehensive Handbook of Business Planning Adds Useful Insight into Raising Capital
  • Tutorial Videos Introduce Each Section
    How to Make it Count!
    What Investors & Lenders are Looking For
  • Supplemental Intro Letters, Templates, and Worksheets
    Invite Advisors & Board Members
    Cover Letters to Friends & Family, Investors, Lenders...
    "Elevator" pitch worksheet hones your perfect 30-second intro
  • Includes Incentive Stock Options Plan
    All Necessary Document Templates
    Shareholder Ownership Tracking
  • Includes Corporation & LLC Formation Doc Templates
    Articles, By-Laws, Operating Agreement, Unit Allocation...
  • Funding Resources
    Sources of Angel Investors, Venture Capital, and Lenders
    "Funding Plan" Strategy for Attracting Investors.
  • CONTACTS (CRM System) Manages:
    VIPs, Vendors, Investors...
    + Tasks + Events + Programs + Proposals
  • Global 24/7 Secure Access
    Automatic Back-Up & Restore
  • Month To Month Subscription
    No Contract, No Commitment, Cancel/Suspend Anytime
    All Your Work is Automatically Saved
    Use the system as long as you need it.
    You may want to keep it open and allow investors and certain others read-only access.
  • Add Unlimited Number of Team, Advisors to Collaborate
    for $1 / mo each
    Also Between PCs Macs
    You Control All Access to Panels/Apps
    Add an unlimited number of users...
    Selected members of your team can access any/all of the apps in your subscription -- You control access as well as read / write or read-only permission.
  • * Secure Data Room for Sharing Investment Docs *
    Include Investors, Lenders, Professors as Users
    to Access & Review Plans, Models, and Pitch Deck