Download the “Handbook of Marketing” (pdf)

Transfer to a new computer

I have a new computer and want to transfer my Marketing Plan software to use on my new computer.

  1. Do you still have the original file you purchased and downloaded?
    (Look in your “Downloads” folder)
  2. You can copy that to the new system and double click to install…
  3. Use your original serial #.
  4. To copy your completed marketing plan(s), look for the “JIAN Documents” folder on your old PC.
    It’s likely in your “shared documents” folder
    (Or click the Windows icon and enter ‘jian documents’ to search for it.)
  5. Copy the entire folder over to replace the same newly installed folder on your new PC.



Depending upon how old your app /template is (more than a year?!?), you may want to consider and upgrade.
Click here to learn more…

Collaborating with MarketingBuilder Using DropBox

Here’s how to share your business planning project using MarketingyBuilder with DropBox…
(Even if you are just want to work on the same project from your own office PC, Laptop and Home PC)
The idea is to use your desktop copy of MarketingBuilder and store, access & share the working document files in DropBox.

First, get DropBox… grab it here: DropBox, and install it to your computer.
You can share it with your partner(s)…
(They won’t need their own DropBox account for this project.)

  1. Install DropBox
    • Create a folder for your project
    • Share that folder with your partner(s) — enter an email and DropBox will send it to them
  2. Install MarketingBuilder (Launch it in a moment…)
  3. Locate the “Jian Documents” folder (on the Desktop or in Shared Documents)
    • Drag the entire folder to the new DropBox folder
  4. Launch MarketingBuilder
  5. Click the “Change” button and navigate to DropBox
  6. Look for the “Jian Documents” folder in DropBox
    • Single-click on Jian Documents and click OK.
    • [x] Make Default Path
  7. Enter:
    • username: [make something up]
    • password: [make something up]
    • [x] Remember My Password
    • Add User(s) — Give each partner their own username and password
    • Click Next
  8. Start a New Project – Select MarketingBuilder
    • Not sure what you’re are doing, but if you’re raising big $ from a VC, choose “Angel VC Plan”
    • [x] Select All (at bottom of window)
    • Next
  9. Fill-in your info
  10. Give each of you ‘Full Access / Full Control’
  11. Send partner(s) an email with…
    • the MarketingBuilder download link (unless they already have their own copy)
    • his/her serial # (They need their own paid copy with their own unique serial #)
    • username and password
    • and have them follow steps 4-7

You have full read/write privileges.
Next, on the main project screen, you will see all of the sections of your plan on the left.
When you double-click one, it will check out that section to you — No one can work on it until you check it back in by closing it.
(Save any docs in place — do not save-as, because they will then save outside the system and not be traceable…)

Rock on!