Good PR management — Find out when stories will run

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Obtain Editorial Calendars

Have you ever picked up a magazine and seen a roundup article on every product in your category but yours? You can avoid that nightmare by asking each publication in your field for its “editorial calendar.” This document will tell you what articles the publication is planning to print, the deadlines, and in some cases, the editor in charge of the article. Most publications will provide their calendar for the entire year.

You can obtain an editorial calendar for many publications by calling their editorial department. This request is routine and the receptionist may handle the task. However, if that person draws a blank, ask for your favorite reporter, an advertising representative or check Bacon’s Media Alerts, which prints a directory of editorial calendars for hundreds of magazines.

By obtaining the editorial calendar, you’ll find out what the publication is planning to write, when, and who their audience is. Use this knowledge to submit appropriate information about your product well in advance of the publication’s deadlines.



Take advantage of seasonal stories and craft your media pitch around an upcoming event. Editors and producers are more likely to interview you or do a feature if it’s linked to a trending topic. Leverage your expertise to speak about holidays, cultural events, perennial events, ceremonies, awareness months, special occasions, etc. You can get media attention by including yourself in the national conversation that’s already happening.

Here’s an example of a Seasonal Media Pitch