Using PR to Promote Your Events


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Create Fliers to Announce Your Events

Every wall at a trade show is a potential billboard that can publicize your company. To take advantage of this, create colorful fliers to announce your press conference, party, or special event. The flier should give reporters and other attendees a specific reason to attend your event.

For example:
[Famous sports star] will sign autographs at ABC Booth #123
Widget World demonstrates fastest widget in Booth #987

Include the time and location of the event on your flier; if you don’t know this information yet, leave space for it so you can write it in by hand.

When you arrive at the show, post the flier on bulletin boards and walls in or near the Press Room. Always bring scotch tape, push pins, etc. so you’ll be prepared to take advantage of any flat surface. However, don’t be a pest by posting dozens of fliers. The management of the trade show may frown on this excess and tear down the mess.