Cover all the Tradeshow Bases


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What to Do At the Show

Once you’re at a trade show or convention, your top priority is to meet reporters and talk to them in person about your product, service or company. This chapter focuses on the strategies and tactics to find and approach reporters at a show.

Cover All the Bases

On the next page is a checklist of the tactics you can use to increase the probability of the press noticing you. Some of these tactics are discussed in more detail in the pages that follow.

If you’ve done your homework and come prepared, your trade show public relations plan should come off smoothly and result in coverage for your company.

Template to Use

Show Tactics Checklist

General Tradeshow PR Tactics

( ) Place press kits in the press kit room, and be sure your booth location is included on the press kit and / or on your press release inside (Warning: If you are not a registered exhibitor, materials you leave in the Press Room will probably be thrown away. If you’re sharing a booth registered in another company’s name, notify the press kit room attendant so your kits won’t be thrown out.)
( ) Post a press release on the bulletin board in the Press Room.
( ) Post fliers announcing your press conferences, hospitality suites or booth locations in or near the Press Room.
( ) Keep a supply of press kits at your booth for visiting reporters.
( ) Carry a handful of press kits with you. You never know when you’ll run into a reporter.
( ) Collect business cards and write notes for follow-up on them.
( ) Locate the rooms where reporters congregate [Press Room, press conference rooms] and frequent these places yourself.

Scheduled Meetings

( ) Call the reporter’s hotel the night before and leave a message to confirm your meeting.
( ) Arrive at the meeting site 10 minutes before the appointment is scheduled.
( ) Wait at least 15 minutes after the appointed time for late reporters.

Unscheduled Meetings

( ) Conduct on-the-spot interviews / demos with reporters you encounter.
( ) Stand outside the Press Room with press kits to “bump into” reporters.
( ) Read badges / faces for key press people. Introduce yourself and gain their interest.


( ) Ask reporters with whom you’ve built rapport where the parties are.
( ) Go to booths rented by publications you advertise in and ask for an invitation to their parties.
( ) Attend parties. Be low key.