How to Keep Requests from Falling Through the Cracks


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During the course of a convention, you will meet many reporters and analysts who will ask for a great many things: information; product; interviews; follow-up visits. In the intense activity (and sometimes confusion and clutter) of a show, how can you gather and keep this information organized?

Here’s a foolproof method. When you meet reporters:
• Ask for their business cards, and offer yours in exchange.
• Write their requests on the front or back of their cards. Short descriptions will suffice, such as “send product” or “set phone interview w/CEO re: foreign trade.”

This method has two benefits: you’ll remember what you need to do to follow up, and you’ll also have their names, addresses, publications and phone numbers handy. This is important because freelancers, columnists and bureau chiefs don’t always work out of the publication’s main editorial office. The cards you collect will have the correct mailing addresses and phone numbers where you can contact the individuals you’ve met quickly and directly.

To avoid fumbling, keep your own business cards in your left pocket, and other people’s cards and materials in your right pocket, or come up with some other system that works for you.