How to Write a Product Positioning Statement

This worksheet will allow you to identify the prime benefits of your product as well as who would benefit by using it. You can then summarize and refine this information to develop your product positioning statements.

1. Customers will know they need my product because …
2. My product meets the needs of …

List the types of customers who could benefit from your product.


3. These customers will benefit from my product because …
List the key benefits of your product; be sure to list benefits and not just features.


4. Summarize the above information into your first drafts of your short and full product positioning statements.

See the Product Positioning Worksheet here.

It’s important to develop a strong, positive statement now so you’ll sound confident when you talk to reporters. When you’ve completed this worksheet, test your statement by reading them out loud. Can you say the short statement in less than ten seconds? Do the words roll off your tongue or are they tongue twisters? Try reading your completed statements to people in your office, preferably people who are not familiar with the product. Then, ask if they can explain in their own words what the product does and who should use it. If they can, you’re ready to talk with the press. If not, you may need to refine your statement.

Tip: When you’re trying to get feedback from your associates, don’t ask a question that can be answered “yes” or “no.” People will frequently say “yes” to avoid embarrassment. Instead, ask an “open-ended” question that requires a complete sentence for an answer. Example: “Based on what you just heard, please tell me what the product is, and who should use it.”

5. If necessary, refine your statements based on the feedback you received and record your final versions below.

Short Product Positioning Statement:

Full Product Positioning Statement: