1) Customize the Dashboard for Your Business (2:37)

Input your business info ONCE, it appears automagically in all the right places.
Saves typing the same info over and over again. Add your logo and slogan on top.

2) Tour the Business Power Tools Dashboard (23:36)

See everything you can do and where you can easily find all the right tools.
You’ll get the idea right away. Click on all the panels, documents, and calculators.

What to work on first?

You may be wondering, “What should do I do first?” It depends upon your initial priority…


Strategic Planning / Raise Capital

  1. Before you build a business, how much money do you want?
    1. Under the Management tab, Calculators, click “How Much is Enough” and have some fun!
  2. Next, click the Business Plan tab
  3. Click on BizPlanBuilder tile at the top…
  4. Click the [+] to get started with your business plan
  5. …Click around to see what other supporting tools you have
  6. The Video Tutorials are embedded with their respective sections of the business plan
    • While you can watch them anytime you like, we recommend watching as you work on that section of your plan.
  7. You may also want to watch Burke Franklin speak on “How to Build Your Business Without Funding


Marketing / PR / Sales

  1. Click the Marketing tab…
  2. Click on Marketing Plan at the top…
  3. Click the [+] to start your marketing plan
  4. Click the PR / Media tab…
  5. Click around to see what tools you have
  6. Click the Sales tab…


HR Policies / Procedures

  1. Click the HR tab
  2. Click the Employee Policies Handbook tile at the top
  3. Click the [+] to start your handbook
  4. Video how Business Power Tools dashboard works to write employee policies procedures handbook software template cloud saasHere’s how to use the Employee Handbook system
    • It works the same way for:
      • Safety Plan
      • Business Security
      • Sales Proposal Builder
  5. Click on the Procedures tab…
  6. Open the Safety Plan and give that a read
  7. Click around to see what other tools you have



Think of this page as your company “bulletin board.”

How many companies do you know where the right hand knows what the left hand is doing?

The idea is that we want to provide a place to enable everyone in your company to be on the “same page.”

Except for the Priorities and Updates, every one of these sections is excerpted from our wildly successful BizPlanBuilder business planning software.

superior alternative over liveplan enloop growthink

Watch this Overview for Getting the Most from Using BizPlanBuilder

Adding the Section Content to the Business Plan Editor

Adding content to business plan screen

These icons help manage your docs.
They all work the same.

bizplan business plan software template