How to insert an image

I presume you want to add your logo to your business plan or employee manual?!?

(If you want to customize your dashboard with your logo, we show you here.)

Here’s how it works: This is designed to grab images from the Internet. Your own website is usually the first place to look, but if your logo is on Facebook or Linked-In you can also grab it from there. Right-click on the image, click on “Copy Image Location” Then paste into the “Image URL:” box.

how to add an image to your document

How to add more users

add users to collaborate business planHow to add more users

  • Log in to your account
  • Log-in, then click “My Account”
  • “Manage Users” => “Add New User”
  • At the bottom of the pop-up window there is a drop-down menu where you can give them access to your apps.
    • Reviewer = Read-Only (Great for including employees and select others so they know what the game plan is!)
    • Creator = Editor with Read/Write capabilities (Great for adding consultants and select managers to collaborate)
    • Admin = Add / Change the other users, as well as Read/Write — Keep this for yourself!

How do I share documents or financials?

  • Best is to add them as an additional subscriber.
  • You can selectively give them access to your plan.
  • $1 /mo each

When inputting my revenue categories and projections, how do I delete one I entered by mistake?

Click the “X” under “Delete” on the far right of the row.

Formatting the Table of Contents in Word

Office 2003 / 2007 / 2010

inserting a table of contents in word

If you wish to insert or recreate the Table of Contents, it is actually easiest of you start over and insert the Table from scratch.

Simply pull-down under Insert, in the Word menu above, to Reference, then Index & Tables.

word table of contents format business plan employee handbook

We used “Heading 1” as the style for all section headings. For simplicity of reading and reference, Heading 1 should be sufficient, nevertheless, we used Heading 2 for the blue sub-sections should you feel the need to add a second-level to your Table of Contents.

To update the Table of Contents, right-click on the table and choose “Update Page Numbers Only”

Entering “Entity Type” for Non-USA Business

There are no options for “Entity Type” for Canadian businesses…

Here’s what you do:

  • Disregard the State.
  • Just click the radio button to include which entity type that you want.
  • (Even if you want something else like a Co-op in Canada)
  • Click Next.
  • At the bottom of the window, “Click Here to Add this Template to Your Business Plan”
  • Edit as desired.

What Happens When My subscription Runs Out / Not Renewed…

Currently, all business plans created from the start of the application are maintained within the database indefinitely and are available once you renew your subscription.

Please do NOT create a new account, just renew your existing account to gain access back to your business plans.

To assure future access or notifications, you must make sure that you email is up to date in our system and “whitelisted” (it comes to your active inbox) in your email system should we notify you of any changes.