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How Much is Enough?

Some people think they need a lot of money to buy,
do and have all of the things they want in life…
How much money do you really need?
This is for your personal wish list.
How much work do you really need to do?
Use this fun and handy worksheet to find out for yourself!

Get My Answer With this Excel Spreadsheet Template

How Much Capital Do You Need to Start / Grow a Company?

Here is your “shopping list” for everything you need next to build your business.

Rather than pulling a number “out of the air” and declaring your funding requirements (top-down approach)
we recommend adding a “bottom-up” approach to be sure you include everything you need to cross the finish line.

To answer this question, we created this handy Excel®-based calculator:

Get My Answers With this Excel Spreadsheet Template
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If You’re Raising Capital…

If you’re writing a business plan and creating an investor presentation,
here are a number of vital concepts you must understand to make the best deal.

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Get Your Black Belt in Business

Your business is also a path of personal development…
Here’s 40+ years worth of wisdom to expand your entrepreneurial emotional intelligence.
Written for entrepreneurs who want to survive and thrive, make money, enjoy themselves, and grow personally.

Develop Your Entrepreneurial Mental Toughness
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