Here’s Your Toolset You Can Use Right Now to Make Everything Else Easier Or Unnecessary

Here’s the Fastest, Easiest, Most Economical Way to Get Your Business in Order to Grow to the Next Level


With this One-of-a-Kind Deal on EVERYTHING We Make

One-Time Investment, Lifetime Access, Full Suite of Tools + Dashboard

A Growing and Evolving Collection of Document and Financial Model Templates to Develop Your Systems and Structure for the Way You Work, How You Make Decisions, and Why You Work the Way You Do

Everything You Need in One Organized and Simplified Business Management Dashboard

It’s Never Been Easier for You and Your Team to Update and Upgrade Your Management Processes End-to-End

small business startup survival software templates online word excel

Staged Modules for Every Phase of Business

A Maturing Multi-Purpose Catalog of Your Business From Startup to Sale

In all of the scenarios below, the details are what authenticate your business and distance you from others competing for the same resources:

  • Start-Up – Incorporate the key components to get started the right way, minimize unforced errors, and “bootstrap” toward funding (if needed)
  • Raising Capital – Build Credibility and Demonstrate Believability With Investors & Lenders
  • Non-Profit – Everything applies and goes a long way toward dazzling donors with your efficiencies and careful use of their funds to maximize their “Return on Impact”
  • Growing Company – Repeatable, scalable processes require organization, building teams, and managing employees. Control the chaos before it starts and continue growing smoothly.
  • Onboarding – What faster way is there to get new team members engaged and up to speed in your business?
  • Struggling – This sucks, but I’ve been there myself back when and my business plan pulled me out of the ditch. This deal is easily within your reach and just may save your bacon.
  • Recently Funded – Plan before you burn all that cash, and put systems in place to make the most of the investment(s) in your company
  • Deal with a Big Corp – Build credibility. Can your business deliver on a big deal? They’ll want proof you have your act together. (I started Business Power Tools with a business plan for a friend to land a deal with Apple. That evolved into our BizPlanBuilder and everything else.)
  • Ongoing Strategic Planning(Recession?) It’s good to regularly revisit your “first principles:” the Problem you solve, your Customers, the Market, your Operation, your Team… What’s changed? What do you want to change? Engaging your team in a guided, collaborative process makes it easy.
  • Licensing – Dodge all the bullets above. An alternative to building a company is licensing your product / intellectual property to an established company with the resources, distribution, and sales force. Just collect money.
  • Sale – Builds Your Case for a Bright, Sustainable Future and Higher Valuation. Add the processes and systems that make it attractive to sell faster at a higher price.
  • Succession – Everything your kids / new owners need to successfully continue what you started. If you carry-back some of the financing, this is especially critical for you.

Your Own Customizable, Collaborative Dashboard Loaded With ALL of Our Proven Documents, Models, Calculators, CRM, Videos, and More to Organize, Fund, Run, Grow, and Even Sell Your Company

See How it Works Now

Plan, Project Sales, Costs & Profits, Coordinate Marketing, Establish Policies and Procedures, Send Press Releases, Raise Capital…
And Still Enjoy the Ride

There’s So Much to Do When Building a Successful Company

Complete sorely-needed and often-neglected projects you’ve probably wanted done for some time

With these behind you, the bottleneck to growth opens and everything becomes simpler and easier.

bizplan bizplanbuilder best free start up funding presentation software template app word excel powerpoint

Strategic Planning, Start-Up
and Growth Funding

Start / Finance / Grow Efficiently

  • Featuring BizPlanBuilder — Everything to Produce an Agile Strategic Business Plan to Organize, Raise Capital, Pivot, Scale, Sell…
  • Multiple Financial Models Project Revenue, Costs, Profits, Valuation, What-If?
    • 100% Customizable Excel Models
  • “Elevator” Pitch Worksheet
    • Investor Presentation Deck
  • Funding Resources
  • CRM: Advisors, Vendors, VIPs
    • Tasks, Events, Promos, Proposals
  • Includes Stock Options Templates
    • Shareholder & Options Tracking
  • Corporate, LLC Docs
    • Board Minutes
  • Finance & Collections Docs
  • Videos Explain All Concepts
  • “Handbook of Business Planning”
  • Secure, Collaborative Platform
  • Regularly $27 / Mo -Or- $270 / Yr

Details Here

best business marketing pr strategy strategic plan sample press release software template word excel

Marketing, Public Relations,
Sales and Social Media

Everything to Grow Sales

  • Featuring Marketing Builder Strategic Plan Template Prioritizes, Analyzes Tactics
  • 30+ Calculators – (Excel) Budgets, Analyze Options, Pricing, Deals
  • Positioning / Branding / Creative Development Worksheets
  • CRM: Advisors, Vendors, VIPs
    • Tasks, Events, Promos, Proposals
  • Public Relations – Free Media Promotion
    • PR Calendar & Calculators
    • 20+ Press Release Templates
    • Comprehensive PR Tutorial
  • Website Testing Tools
  • Sales Proposal Builder
  • Sample Sales & Reseller Contracts
  • Prospecting & Appointment-Setting
    • Scripts, Emails, Letters
  • Sample Customer Service Responses
  • Secure, Collaborative Platform
  • Regularly $37 / Mo -Or- $370 / Yr

Details Here

best free hr management employee policy policies procedures handbook software template app cloud

Employee Policies & Procedures
Reduce Friction

Organize & Manage Your People

  • Featuring Employee Manual Builder with 200+ Professionally Scripted Sample Policies & Procedures
    • Compliant State x State
  • OSHA Safety Training Manual
    • Injury & Illness Prevention Plan w/ 161 Safe Work practices
  • 700+ Sample Job Descriptions
    • Interview Questions & Templates
    • Candidate Evaluation Worksheets
  • Hiring & Onboarding Correspondence
    • Employment Agreements
  • CRM: Advisors, Vendors, VIPs
    • Tasks, Events, Promos, Proposals
  • Security Policies & Procedures
  • Discipline & Termination Documentation
  • “Manager’s Procedures Guide” +
  • “How to Avoid Ruinous Litigation”
  • Secure, Collaborative Platform
  • Regularly $47 / Mo -Or- $470 / Yr

Details Here

“I have been a long-time customer of Business Power Tools using BizPlanBuilder to start several companies, including one public company, with three more in the works. Your products have saved me MUCH time and energy.”
~ Russ Benefield, Pompano Beach, FL

michael gerber e-myth author review bizplanbuilder software“The customizable encyclopedia of everything you need to know about your business…
but were afraid to ask!”
~ Michael E. Gerber, Author: “The E-Myth”, Michael E. Gerber Companies

…Easy to Use and Very Helpful In My Practice

“Just a note of thanks and appreciation for dealing with you over the years. I have found your software to be unique, easy to use and very helpful in my practice. Also, I deeply appreciated the excellent response you gave when I needed help.”
~ Ben Clements, Newtown, PA

How Are They Better Than What I Can Get FREE?

…You May Be Thinking,
But Can You Afford To Risk a Great Idea, Investment From Friends, Family and Pros, Plus the Next Few Years of Your Life…
On Someone Else’s “Loss-Leader”?

Here’s What You Often Get For Free:

A blank form?
What are you supposed to say here?
What are investors, lenders and others looking for?
Isn’t that why you’re here?

free business plan software template

Really? That’s it? In This Case… NOTHING?!?

There’s often a good reason it’s free.
Free offers may provide some information, but often little direction,
useful sample text, nor helpful answers.

Many are just devices (“lead magnets”) to capture your contact information.

Compare That With What You Get With Business Power Tools

NO BLANKS or WRITER’S BLOCK! Company Info Inserts Automatically, Saves Typing
We’ve filled in any blanks with multiple-choice text and prompts intended for you to actually use. You can customize everything to fit perfectly for your unique business.
Just edit the parts you need, add your ideas, and build as you go.

best free business plan software template raise capital shark tank

Recommends Financial Models to His Clients

Rob Kramarz intelliversity review bizplan bizplanbuilder business plan software template excel“Now I can recommend a standardized financial proforma that all of my clients can use. BizPlanBuilder’s financial model has just the right level of detail (without too much!) in the same format every time, eliminating the crazy-making submissions from so many amateurs I used to get.”
~ Robert Steven Kramarz, Investor, Author, Executive Director, Intelliversity The Funding Academy for Innovators – Led by Investors

Sold His Company for $75,000,000

“I found it especially difficult to articulate my plan in a manner that would attract investors and the bank. I purchased BizPlanBuilder and developed my plan. There is a lot of detail in between, but, to get to the point… my plan, thanks to BizPlanBuilder, became a multi-million dollar company located in five states, and recently sold to a larger public company for more than $75,000,000.

With gratitude, I wish you and your staff kindest regards and THANK YOU!”
~ Brian Kahan, Boca Raton, FL

Why Business Power Tools. Why You. Why Now.

In the Exhilarating Sprint to Grow Your Business, Some Critical Elements Can Get Overlooked…
This Is the System to Successfully Implement the Infrastructure to
Scale Your Business to Millions and Beyond.

bizplanbuilder lean one page free business plan model raise capital cloud dashboard

The Most Templates and Tools

All Apps Work Alike and Together

  • Almost ZERO Learning Curve!
  • Does the Job of Hundreds of Apps — Without You Wasting Your Time Learning to Use Every. Single. One.
  • Easy-to-Use System Enables Completing Critical Projects Quickly
  • All Tools Are Built On the Same Platform
  • Ongoing Updates Included
  • Collaborate Without Conflicting Copies
  • Click From Project To Project — Each Works Just as You’d Expect
  • Mindfully Curated, Developed and Evolved Over 30+ Years
  • Edited By a Former Sharper Image® Catalog Copywriter

entrepreneur startup software template business power tools

Everything is Fully Customizable

Your Business Your Way

  • Private Label — Insert Your Own Branding / Image / Logo
  • Include Your Slogan (255 characters)
  • Customize Any / All of the Templates
  • Company Data Fills in Automatically to Speed Completion
  • Upload Your Own Content / Create New, Re-Usable Custom Templates
  • “Priorities” Lists for Every Area
  • Excel-Based Calculators Do / Show All the Math for Better Decisions
  • Insert Your Preferred RSS Feeds
  • System Keeps All Documents Secure & Organized for Easy Access
  • Serves as a “Secure Data Room
  • Expedites Thorough Due-Diligence for Faster Funding or Sale

Business organization software system dashboard

Include Unlimited Team & Advisors

Secure Collaborative Workspace

  • Research Proves that Teams Engage and Buy-In to Changes and What They Help Create
  • Remote Work Empowered — Perfect for All Team Members, Advisors, Employees, and Investors to Collaborate, Contribute, or Review
  • For Now, Just +$1 / Month Each
  • CRM System Included
    Tracks VIPs, Projects, Campaigns, Proposals, Events
  • You Have Complete and Secure Control Over Everything Anyone Can Access
  • App by App — Each with Admin, Edit, or Read-Only Privileges
  • Consultants Save Time With Clients

Now You Get ALL 3 of the Above Complete Toolsets…

30+ Years of Successful Experience at Your Fingertips You Can Use Every Day to Solve Problems and Make Things Happen

The Tools, Templates, and Training are All Here and Done-for-You. Just Click and Customize to Your Vision.

If You’re Going For It No-Matter-What and Growing Your Business,
Making It More Successful, More Systemized, and More Secure…



One-Time Investment
Includes All Updates
One User
Add Unlimited Number of Team & Advisors
$149 each

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Invest in this LIFETIME, paid-in-full access to all of the Business Power Tools software as well as our
cloud-based dashboard system.
Subscription Transferable Upon Merger / Acquisition



Paid Annually
(Two Months Free)
One User
Add Unlimited Number of Team & Advisors
$97 each

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Cloud-Based Apps & Templates

Continue Subscription for Ongoing Updates

Covers All Users

Cancel/Suspend Any Time
(We’ll Save Your Work!)

Enhanced 128-bit Cyber Security
You Control Access, User by User
Allow Editing Collaboration Or Just Read-Only Permission

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sample busines legal software template guarantee



For Less Than the Sum of the Parts
One User
Add Unlimited Number of Team & Advisors
$1/Mo each

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Access all of the current Business Power Tools software as well as our cloud-based dashboard system
for just $97 /month.

Price Protection
Keep making the low payments and keep your subscription up to date, you can enjoy
this low-price subscription to all of our
Business Power Tools as long as you want.

Add unlimited additional team & advisors
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Includes All Updates
Add Unlimited Team, Employees & Advisors for $97 each
Easily Interchange People and Access Anytime
Documentation Adds Company Value – Acts as Secure Data Room
And Three Sessions With Burke Franklin to Set-Up Everything
Subscription Transferable Upon Merger / Acquisition