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Successful Real Estate Investor Shares His Secrets



Dave Stech

Dave Stech is Founder and CEO of Purpose Built Investments (PBI), a boutique real estate private equity firm with a proven track record for attracting two things private capital and deal flow and producing one thing: exceptional double-digit results.

PBI is the preferred money partner for serious real estate investors that buy-and-flip distressed residential and commercial real estate .

Dave grew up in a trailer park for the first 12 years of his life and has since early-retired 3 times as CEO/President of early-stage technology companies.

Dave served in senior management with Kodak and launched the first disposable camera for Kodak and the first digital postcard with Disney.
He graduated with distinction from Purdue University (undergrad) and the London School of Economics (grad).

In the last two years, Dave has spoken at Harvard Business School and has attracted the interest of fund managers envious of PBI’s consistent double-digit returns and investor retention model; 82% of PBI’s clients have invested…
… more than once and 54% have referred others that entrust their money to PBI.

Dave forecasted in 2006 that the real estate market was about to implode, and people thought he was nuts.
He liquidated all of his firm’s real estate holdings in the U.S and alerted investors to do the same.
He then sat on the sidelines for two years from 2007 to 2008 while it all played out, and it’s not over yet.

In 2009, Dave predicted that the #1 “buy” market in the U.S. would be Las Vegas by 2011.
Again, the experts thought he was nuts but, in the last year, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune and almost all of the major publications have heralded Las Vegas – you guessed it – as the #1 “buy” market in the U.S.

Dave’s mantra is to ‘Make Money, Do Good, Have Fun’.
To that end, he runs a small, invitation-only wealth mastermind group committed to adding a zero to their net worth and income tax-free while creating an amazing life.

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