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Raised $100,000 Crowdfunding on Kickstarter!



Eric Delisle on raising capital and crowdfunding on kickstarter

Eric Delisle

Eric Delisle on how he raised capital by crowdfunding on kickstarter

Over the last 25 years Eric Delisle has developed a broad range of experience from being a pet shop owner, working in radio, putting the first Virtual Reality Systems in Disney World, doing channel distribution working at MTV, being a consultant to the National Science Foundation on SBIR funding proposals, and manufacturing those products in China… even a stint promoting MMA events!

Whether he is architecting a business model, raising millions from investors, creating a brand, negotiating contracts, building a team, or creating a marketing campaign and developing a sales pitch for an unknown product, Eric, has successfully blazed most trails entrepreneurs need to learn.

In addition to his successes, he is usually quick to point out to budding entrepreneurs that he has failed more times than most people will ever try!

The secret, he says, is to learn, pivot, and never give up.

Today, his way of “giving back” is mentoring other entrepreneurs to help them achieve their own dreams.

Currently, Eric, invests in startups and runs DigiThinkIT, a custom software, web development, and consulting company in Orlando, FL.

He has just completed a very successful campaign that generated over $1000,000 on KickStarter!

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  • Raising capital
  • “How to” of Crowd-funding
  • Positioning yourself so investors contact you
  • Lean start-up model – Why / How of needing a real business plan.

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