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How to Use These 5 Steps to Enlightened Capitalism


Aggie Kobrin

Maria Simone

Maria Simone shares her Successful Experiences with Conscious Capitalism

I’m talking with Maria Simone, a Transformational Business & Funding Strategist, speaker, author and the new voice of Enlightened Capitalism. She has helped countless business owners with systems, structure, funding and sharing their talents with the world.

Since her days in the corporate pharmaceutical world, Maria has started 4 businesses, raised over $10 million in funding and has been responsible for generating millions in revenue.

She is the author of Passion to Prosperity: Instant Ways to Profit From Your Skills and Talents.

She’s been featured in Success Magazine and has made appearances on ABC and Fox TV.

Maria is the Creator of Intentional Prosperity Business Funding System, the 7-Step Enlightened Business Building Blueprint and Produces the acclaimed Enlightened Entrepreneur Summit.

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  • Where do you see fear hurting business owners
  • How would you define Enlightened Capitalism
  • What is the fastest path to more money in your business?
  • Where can we find investors today?
  • What is Intentional Prosperity?

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