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6 Ways to Build Your Business with Joint Ventures



Mark Harris on joint venture marketing

Mark Harris

Mark Harris shares his expertise on working with joint venture (JV) partners

Mark Harris is the founder of the Thought Leadership Alliance website as well as producer of the popular JV Summit event held twice a year.

Mark has served hundreds of thousands of individuals, in all walks of life, throughout the nation, as an advisor, counselor, mentor, speaker, publisher, entrepreneur, inventor, and thought leader.

Mark has published one of the largest regional business newspapers in the United States, he founded two of the leading trade associations in the world, he also founded the Broker Agent Council and built a membership base of over 500,000 in just a few short years, he’s received several national and international awards in technology and has been awarded patents in over 25 countries.

He’s also an accomplished speaker, who’s shared the stage with Steven Covey, Michael Gerber, Mark Victor Hansen, and many others…

Mark created the Market Leadership Forum to help business people breakthrough to the top of their markets…
how professionals, consultants, experts, and entrepreneurs can become the Most Trusted Advisors to their markets.

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  • Choosing good JV partners
  • Ingredients for a successful JV
  • Approaching the partner
  • Structuring the deal / relationship
  • If / when to walk away
  • Getting it all done w/ 12 children!?!

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