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Ways to Manage People Issues to Build an Effective Team


Pamela Stambaugh on hiring the right team

Pamela Stambaugh

Pamela Stambaugh on Hiring the Right Team

Founder and President of Accountability Pays for 27 years, Pamela Stambaugh is a seasoned advisor to business leaders and their teams, providing team facilitation to improve performance, productivity and results through people. She is a past chair of the MIT Enterprise Forum, a member of Rotary Club 33, an organizer of the Distinguished Speaker Series at the University Club and a mentor and advisor to the World Resources Simulation Center and

She has co-authored two business books on training an accountability. Pamela is Master Distributor of the Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS), and has many tools in her executive team building toolkit. She is a graduate of Lewis and Clark College and earned her Masters in Business Administration at the University of San Diego. Clients include CBIZ, GE Healthcare, US Oncology Network, Hallmark, and other middle market and larger companies as well as people-conscious small ones.

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  • Hiring the right management team.
  • Bringing hard data to soft people stuff
  • Eligibility vs. suitability vs. cultural fit for the job.
  • Measuring what matters is contextual…
  • Tuning rewards to achieve the right outcomes
  • 13 conversations to maintain your team
  • How to terminate someone productively

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