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Former Bank Owner Spills the Beans on Lending to Businesses



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How to be a discerning consumer of Internet products & services

I’m talking with former bank owner and entrepreneur RJ Mitchellette – with 50+ years experience in business…
For 10 years he was VP of a commercial bank, lending millions of dollars to troubled companies, who needed to either survive and/or grow.

He was successful Entrepreneur, having launched several start-up companies, one of which he took public.

RJ co-developed and launched 3 incubators, one in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota and one in San Jose, CA.
He also works with the incubator in Bluffton, SC.

RJ spent 12 years as an adjunct professor, teaching his signature course “Entrepreneurial Decision Making” at several major universities.

Today RJ spends his time consulting entrepreneurs and small businesses since retiring from banking as Chairman and CEO of a financial firm he founded, dedicated to purchasing distressed financial institutions.

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  • How does a bank really look at entrepreneurs?
  • What to provide in addition to the loan app
  • What else can we do for approval?
  • What can we do while the bank is evaluating our app?
  • How can we overcome credit issues?
  • Learn more about RJ Mitchellete

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