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Using “Cause” Marketing to Build Your Business



Attorney Linda Lattimore teaches cause marketing for small business and entrepreneurs

Linda Lattimore on Cause Marketing

Linda Lattimore teaches how to source causes and work with them to build your business

Linda Lattimore is a seasoned lawyer, corporate executive and business strategist with skills and experience, both domestically and internationally, as General Counsel and litigator across many industries, segments and geographies.

In 2006, Linda founded the WGN Global Fund, whose mission is to support women, both domestically and internationally, who require financial assistance and education to start and grow their businesses.

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  • Customers have changed their purchasing patterns and what it means to you
  • How to draw customers to you rather than push them away with aggressive old school selling techniques
  • Why Corporate Social Responsibility is expected by your investors and customers
  • How small companies can participate in social responsibility to create win win situations for their cause and their own bottom line.
  • Benefit corporations and how entrepreneurs can benefit from being identified as a B company
  • Click here to learn more about: Linda Lattimore

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