Lesson to Learn in a Bad Situation

You know when something goes wrong or things just aren’t working out… I’ve found that, rather than fight a problem, make excuses, or blame others… I wonder, “What is the lesson to learn?” What is MY lesson to learn here? So, rather than continue struggling (doing the same thing… over and over…), how might I…

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Business Black Belt BOOK – Introduction

Excerpted from the book on conscious business management, Business Black Belt We are limited more by our own thinking than by reality. This is where I’m coming from as I write this book… I’ve earned a black belt and I’ve built a business. Coincidentally, I started both at about the same time. What’s behind the…

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2022 team strategic planning software template

Here’s a New Management Team Organizational Idea and Toolbox for the New Year. We designed it to get all of your people on the same page. We call it the “One-Page Manager”. It’s a hybrid Job Description + Executive Summary template. It’s much more than just “Goal Setting” — It’s a coordinated execution plan. Video demo.