video - what angel venture capital investors look for business plan

Video – How to Write a Business Plan:
Addressing Your “Return on Investment”

VIDEO – What to think about as you edit the “Return on Investment” section of your business plan and what investors and lenders (crowdfund, angel, venture capital, SBA) look for as they consider funding your start up or growing company.

Investors and Term Sheets – Jim Burk – Business Black Belt Podcast

Securities attorney on investors, investing and term sheets… Jim Burk of Burk & Reedy, a Washington, DC-based law-firm who specializes in business law and financing. Jim has 40 years (!) experience in business law and business financing! He assists emerging companies in their initial stages of organization and then growing with the companies through the…

Components of a Business Plan (Part 3)

Written by Burke Franklin, founder and CEO, JIAN This is part 3 of 3.  If you missed parts 1 and 2, Part 1, where we talked about the executive summary or Part 2, where we talked about the market analysis and strategy. Let’s drive this puppy home. 11. Management Team– What’s a nice person like…