Burke Franklin

What I learned from my first business plan success.
Why mine are different and better.
And how it evolved into BizPlanBuilder software

Have you heard that investors don’t read business plans? Not true. Before they’re going to click OK on a wire transfer of $50,000 to $50,000,000, they’ll have a lot of questions. Wouldn’t you?!? Your business plan is your proxy in front of many supporting characters—with specialties, expertise, biases, perspectives, contacts, money… It’s like a movie…

Credit Card Financing… Good! Bad? How to Navigate

There are a variety of ways to finance your startup or growing company. I’ve always avoided credit cards, but given some new opportunities, doing the math, and by playing the game well, they can be an easy source of immediate cash to get you through a tight spot or to develop a project. I explain here…