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5 Tools to Ready Your Business for the “New Normal”

Here are 5 projects you can do now to relieve TV/Netflix burn-out and accomplish something productive for your business. Personally, I suspect foul-play behind this “pandemic” with some short-sighted, possibly ill-fated responses from our authorities. Nevertheless, while you’ve been deluged with news (real & fake), opinions, schmaltzy platitudes, silly videos, and special offers, I’ll spare…

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How to write a successful business plan. And how my success evolved into the BizPlanBuilder software

A lot goes into writing a good business plan. Before you even get started, here are a few important considerations that will make your business planning and presentation more successful.

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How conscious choices of words influence successful leadership

What we say creates pictures and emotions in our audiences. Are we motivating or scaring them? Self-defeating words, phrases and concepts derail our presentations to customers, investors, employees and each other! The dangers of double-negatives and other dumb things we say and how they create our world… Click to watch this brief TED talk-like video.