A new revenue source for your Chamber of Commerce…


and a great deal on business development tools for your members


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Now your members can leverage 30 years of successful business development experience, updated and integrated into a secure, seamless online collaborative dashboard, to easily update and upgrade their entire operation


Members can access the tools they need to…

  • Build a Company on the Principles of Conscious Capitalism

  • Produce a Business Plan that Delivers Their Vision to the World

  • Forecast Revenue, Costs, Profit, and Valuation

  • Raise the Money They Need to Move Forward — On Their Terms

  • Hire, Inspire, Lead, and Manage the Best People

  • Prioritize Marketing Opportunities, Stop Chasing Trends, Expand ROI

  • Engage Bloggers and the Media for Free Promotion

  • Complete Deals with Proper Written Contracts — in Plain-English

  • Produce an Employee Policies Handbook that Builds Your “Employer Brand” as well as Protects Their Company From Legal Actions

  • Define Everyone’s Responsibilities from 700+ Sample Job Descriptions with Duties Prioritized

  • Publish a Safety Training Manual to Protect Their People

  • Revamp All Their Sales Documents for Optimum Effectiveness

  • Implement operating procedures to keep their people on track so they can be more productive or doing what they enjoy.

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Want to share in your members’ success?


Add some software and templates to your memberships

Keeping your members in business as well as helping them build their companies is good for business — all businesses. When you offer these proven and popular business tools to your members, you’ll be providing best business practices as well as the templates for doing the right things right.

Best of all, they cost your Chamber nothing and make your job easier!

“I teach a class for Score on how to prepare a business plan. You will be pleased to know that most of our counselors recommend BizPlan Builder to our clients. Thank you!”
~ Terry Little

And generate extra “non-dues” revenue for your chamber…

“Of the businesses that failed…
60% had no business plan.”

~ SBA Study

There’s more money than dues

Many Chambers of Commerce are fixated on membership dues as their primary source of revenue. So far so good, but what if you could offer your members more?  A lot more?!? And generate much needed extra revenue for your Chamber?

Try this…

If you haven’t already, create “Resources” and “Offers from Members” pages
Send emails to members promoting the pages and include links to these pages in all emails and newsletters.

Also, when you offer other products and services — either charge an advertising fee or make sure every product and service you offer includes its own referral affiliate payment program so you always generate cash for your Chamber.

A 30% Referral Partner Revenue Share from us!

Now you can further leverage memberships in your Chamber and support your members by offering Business Power Tools professional-grade software tools to help them build their businesses and prosper.

Become a Referral Partner today and start generating more revenue as you help your members.

Just add the unique tracking link to your web pages and let the Business Power Tools system go to work for you.

Yes! I Want to Generate More Revenue for Our Chamber of Commerce
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Certain conventions you must follow regarding how people think about business, and BizPlan Builder does that very well. I can now do in a day what it used to take a week to do!
~ Doug Harvey, Business Plan Consultant

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