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Now that your clients are investing in insurance,
here’s how you can be their hero in 10 more ways…

Offer them these business development software tools as a bonus for working with you

For more than 30 years (with 2+ million copies sold), we’ve been providing entrepreneurs and business owners
like your clients with comprehensive and easy-to-use software and templates to fund, build, and run their organizations.

Whether your clients need to raise funds, attract clients, manage staff, get their phones ringing with press inquiries, or “all of the above”
our “Business Power Tools” software apps and templates make building businesses easier by providing the structure and tools they need to succeed.

Thanks to you, your clients can access tools they need to…

  • Build a successful company on the principles of Conscious Capitalism
  • What to put in place to evolve from a start-up to a growth company
  • Produce a compelling business plan that delivers their vision to the world
  • Expertly forecast revenue, costs, profit, and company valuation
  • Position themselves to raise the money they need to grow and move forward
  • Hire, inspire, lead, and manage the best people
  • Prioritize marketing opportunities, stop chasing trends, increase ROI
  • Engage bloggers and the media for free promotion with proven templates
  • Properly document all deals with written contracts — in plain-English
  • Comply with Federal, State, and Local laws & regulations
  • Save on Worker’s Comp insurance by submitting an OSHA IIPP / Safety plan
  • Develop “Organizational Awareness” enabling ongoing process improvement
  • Produce an Employee Policies Handbook that protects their company from being blindsided by unnecessary legal actions
  • Define responsibilities with professionally developed job descriptions
  • Keep people safe from accidents & illnesses. Be prepared for an O$HA visit!
  • Revamp sales documents & processes for maximum effectiveness
  • Implement operating procedures to keep their people focused on priorities
  • Be more productive themselves or doing what they enjoy!
  • If they consult with business clients, expand their range of services

ALL of the Above? Yes. Easily. Here. Now.

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Mention to your client…

“By the way, when you want a business plan, marketing strategy, employee policies handbook…
Also, if you have a proper Injury & Illness Prevention Plan in place,
I think we can save you money on your workers’ comp policy.
I’ve recently discovered a cool company with all these business-building software tools.
Would this be helpful to you? [Yes?!?]
Great, I’ll send you an email with a link to their website.”


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Watch this brief video for a quick glimpse:

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If You Offer Liability, Workers Comp, Employer Practices Liability Insurance?

Our “SafetyPlanBuilder” could be just what your prospect needs
to sweeten your policy proposal

If your client doesn’t have a Safety Plan / Injury & Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP),
make sure they use our SafetyPlanBuilder and give it to you to submit to underwriting.

The savings you get for them could be just what you need to win their business.
And well worth their time and investment!

Click Here to Learn More About SafetyPlanBuilder

osha safety training iipp software template insurance

Here’s another thing: How do you obtain loss run records?

They’re what you need to offer a winning proposal to your clients

You can ask your client to contact the other broker or you can click the link below
to learn how you can obtain the Loss Runs directly.

And… When you subscribe to,
you’ll get access to SafetyPlanBuilder for FREE.

Take the pressure off your prospects to obtain their current value loss runs.

For a deal on, use Promo Code: FreeSafety

Click to Learn More About
image bill bader insurance consultant

“As a long-time B2B insurance broker myself, I instantly saw the potential.
And realized perhaps I could help more insurance producers in a new way.

I’ve reviewed their software extensively and I found it to be very
well organized, well written, and easy to adapt to any business.

This doesn’t conflict with selling insurance at all and it only adds to your success.
It also makes for and easy and wonderful referral.”
~ Bill Bader, Regional Vice President / Executive Partner at
President and CEO Bader Consultants, Scottsdale, AZ

“I am writing to you today to express my appreciation for the use of your products over the years. Your technology in this complicated area of business planning, regulatory, HR and safety, and financial monitoring is crucial to the success of a budding business as they begin, and then begin to climb towards outside investment. I am a retired insurance CEO that now consults and mentors young entrepreneurs who aspire to follow in my footsteps. The last two projects are now producing over $1 million in revenue per month, and both are less than two years old. I operate in the micro-niche space of insurance programs. This space takes the carrier out of control and places that control in the hands of these young impresarios steeped in technology, but without the tattoo of years of experience on their resume. That’s what I bring to the table, along with my intellectual property and business relationships with insurers and global reinsurers.

I tell them as a coach, quoting Muhammed Ali, “it ain’t bragging – if you can back it up.” These kids have great spreadsheet skills, but it is the fine print and government regulations that harbor the “gotchas” that sink investor presentations. And this tactic is a favorite with venture capitalists as they “sift fly spec out of pepper” when it comes to which pitchman has the execution skills to keep their investment from sinking into a regulatory pit of quicksand. Your tool is my favorite “go-to” tool, and I recommend it strenuously to my clients; if they whine or discount its value, I second guess my involvement. Because I am a major long term investor in their success – if they don’t grow and hit each milestone on target, I have wasted my time. And I’m too old to be drilling dry holes.

Let’s continue to talk about how we can conspire to broaden the use of your products to buttress my investments in these new ventures, and I believe customization is a place to start.”

Daniel W. Crandall, CIC, ARM
President and CEO, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
Mbl: 208-781-2097 |

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Help your clients. Help yourself.

Earn 30% Recurring Commissions on Your Referred Subscriptions

It’s easy to get started

To take advantage of the SafetyPlanBuilder / deal…

Just do these 3 things first:

  1. Create your own Affiliate Referral account
  2. Subscribe to (See above, Use code: Freesafety)
  3. Get your Discount code to access SafetyPlanBuilder for free

It may be easiest if you let us get you started…

  • We’ll get you the right Affiliate referral tracking link.
  • We’ll create your customer’s subscription with proper credit to you.
  • We’ll send you a customizable email you can forward to them with your offer.

Email us or call us at 800-346-5426
(We’re in Southern California, Best: 9-5 M-F)

Your clients will love you forever!

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Business Power Tools Affiliate Referral Partners Program

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Here’s a simple sample email you can send to your clients

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Just fill in their name, edit your way, and add your Affiliate Revenue Share tracking link behind our web address:

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Subject line ideas:

  • Some software tools you can use for your business
  • Take look at these software apps & templates

Hi [first name],

Last time we met, I mentioned a cool business development dashboard loaded with apps & templates to help you build your business.

I’ve recently been talking with the creator of Business Power Tools. I think you’ll like them and find them very useful for successfully building your business!

  • Plain-English business contract templates
  • Business plan for strategic planning and/or financing
  • Marketing plan to sort and prioritize your options
  • PR/Media plan w/ sample press release templates
  • Employee policies handbook
    • Supplement our Employer Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
  • 700+ sample job descriptions
  • Employee record-keeping system
  • OSHA-compliant safety training manual
    • Put this in place and you can save on your Worker’s Comp insurance premiums
    • If you want me to quote you a better rate, I can get this for you for free!
  • Stock Options plan for compensating key people with shares

Good stuff! Easy enough for doing-it-yourself, too.

Take a look at their web site here:

And, when I can help you with your business insurance, please feel free to contact me directly!


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P.S. Remember to visit their web site here: