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BizPlanBuilder embodies everything you learn at CEO Space

Whether you’re developing your growth strategy or raising $5,000 – $50 million, BizPlanBuilder writes an investment-grade business plan quickly and efficiently.

Menu-driven from start to finish, its organized system gives you customizable sample plans, flexible financial models and a proven investor presentation.

With 30+ years of advancements, 2.3+ million copies sold and billions raised, it’s the fastest, easiest way to turn your ideas into a compelling plan for a successful company.

Secure cloud-based collaboration enables an unlimited number of team and advisors to work together. Multiple choice content and structure proven successful many times over with angel investors, banks, the SBA, and venture capitalists worldwide. Works with all Mac and Windows browsers. $97

  • Refined over 30+ years — longer than any other!
  • Billions raised
  • Instant Access

Join CEO Space and use BizPlanBuilder FREE for 4 months!

That’s right!  Now you can show up fully prepared when you get to CEO Space!  We’ll give you BizPlanBuilder Online, plus a few more tools to get you where you want to be…

Here’s what you get:

Web-based Business Start-up & Financing Suite
  • BizPlanBuilder Online – finish your business plan, complete your financials and prep your presentation pitch
  • Online CRM – [Contact Relationship Management] system tracks your investors, partners and customers
  • Stock Options Builder – Inspire your team with their own %, includes calculator and doc templates
  • Agreement Builder – You’ll need these sample start-up contract templates… LLC, etc.

Here’s what to do next…

  • Register for the next CEO Space event
  • Contact me with your registration receipt and the name of the person you worked with
  • I’ll send you the Discount Code so you can have the first 4 months of your subscription to the Web-based Business Start-up & Financing Suite for FREE

Be ready to rock ‘n roll at CEO Space. Have your act together and your documents ready to build your team and to pitch investors!

95% of success is showing up. – Woody Allen

After 4 months, the deal is $19.97/mo —  you can add more users for $1 /mo each

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Review my slideshow from my business plan class.

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Download my Business Plan class presentation

To save you the writing and distraction from my presentation, you can have my PowerPoint show from my Business Plan class.

Download my PowerPoint show from my Business Plan class

For what it’s worth, here’s how I feel about CEO Space:

I highly recommend CEO Space to you if you are starting or building your business. I’ve taught the business planning class there since 2000 and have witnessed first-hand many successes of all kinds. Personally, I think I give you your entire money’s worth in my class alone, yet every instructor says that 🙂 and works very hard to make it a reality. Beyond there, the networking, opportunities, support, ideas, consulting (breakfast, lunch & dinner, and late into the night…) with many like-minded and like-spirited people will send you home with alliances, partnerships and wisdom you just won’t get anywhere else on Earth as quickly.
Burke Franklin, Founder & CEO, Business Power Tools,
Author: BizPlanBuilder & Business Black Belt

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Watch my CEO Space business plan class

Replay my CEO Space Business Plan class

Perhaps you came to my class at CEO Space, maybe you missed it… Here’s the video — you may want to first download the PowerPoint show (above) to better follow along.

Click here to watch the class right here on the Business Power Tools website.



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Who we are and why we’re here…

A little background on Business Power Tools

Business Power Tools (formerly known as JIAN (jee’-on)) focuses on developing business templates that takes the guess-work out of writing important business documents.

We work with business advisors, consultants and experts in every field and bring their experience to each of our business planning software solutions. We’ve done the research, written the templates and bring more than 30-years of business success to each of our business products.The proven business software that makes it easy to start, finance and manage your business

  • 25 years of proven business success through up & down economic cycles provide vetted business templates
  • Easy start business plan, HR, PR, marketing and sample contract templates produce professional documents quickly
  • Edit professionally written & formatted Word, Excel® & PowerPoint® templates—eliminate compatibility issues!
  • Completely customizable using Word, Excel® & PowerPoint® — build budgets & presentations with ease
  • Expert Advice throughout guides you every step of the way, explains what to do, and helps side-step mistakes
  • Multi-user system enables team collaboration over a network or the Internet to write a winning business plan
  • Learn one, use them all All work exactly the same way—We build all of our business planning products using the same intuitive system
  • Purchase, download, edit & print — the business plan you need is yours in just a few clicks!

Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only way that ever has.
– Margaret Meade

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