Leverage Your Military Experience to Start, Build, and Run a Successful Business


With Your Own Secure, Collaborative Dashboard Loaded With Customizable Software Templates

From Now On, the Only Orders You’ll Take Will Be From Customers!

If You’re a Veteran With a Mind for Business, Here Are the Tools You Need
to Develop Your Business / Mission and Keep Going. All in One Place.

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You’ve Already Proven You Can Make It and Successfully Complete a Mission…

Now it’s a matter of redirecting your mind and energy to building a business.

Rather than buying one more training course, set of books, or videos that are just
going to sit on your shelf un-read, un-watched, and un-used…
You can access this proven, on-demand business development toolbox loaded with the actual tools
you’ll really use when you need them, and continue using to build your company.

It’s a collection of business software templates, hardened in business over 32 years,
to help you organize your ideas and plans, prioritize your activities, and model
the financial promise of your business.

There’s a lot to do when starting a business, and your military training has prepared you better than most.

As a Business Owner, it can be Very Overwhelming.
We’re Here to Help!


We’ve been making business development software templates for more than 30 years.

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Online “Dashboard” Loaded with Easy-to-Use Document and Financial Model Templates Organize, Simplify, and Systematize Your Business

Watch This Video To See What This System Does and How It Works To Guide and Help You Build Your Business.

No Need to Learn 100+ Other Apps to Accomplish as Much as You Can Here!

(7:16) Click Above to Invest a few minutes and take a tour of the dashboard to this revolutionary business-building machine.


Access the Dashboard FREE for 14-Days — No Credit Card Required

How Business Power Tools Makes Everything Faster and Easier


  • Organize your ideas, map your mission…
  • Consider everything involved in making it successful
  • Project startup costs, sales, expenses, and profits
  • Got friends? You can work on it together.
  • Need money to get started? Learn who to ask…
  • Have the documents to get a loan or an investor


  • Learn marketing and promotion
  • Use PR templates for free promotion
  • Sample contracts in plain-English make good deals
  • Use pre-scripted documents for successful selling
  • Contact management system tracks people, tasks and events


  • Need employees? Hire, inspire, and lead the best
  • Define duties from 700+ sample job descriptions
  • Manage using a proven employee policies handbook
  • Publish a safety training manual
  • Includes sample documents to hire, fire, collect…

Jim Wong lt colonel USMC recommends business power tools software to veterans“Having been an entrepreneur since 1988, more than once hanging on by a fingernail, handicapped by not knowing what I didn’t know, I think the compendium of tools you have compiled in the last 30 years can be lifesavers.”
~ Jim Wong, Lt. Colonel, USMC Retired, California Veterans Chamber of Commerce

We’re Friendly With All Veteran Support Organizations

We Believe that Entrepreneurs are the Backbone of a Healthy Economy and We Support Veteran Business Owners and Their Teams During These Uncertain Times.

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National Veterans Transition Services, Inc. aka REBOOT

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If You’re Just Starting Out, the Best Place to Begin Now Is With a Proper Business Plan to Organize, Strategize, and Go Forward

A lot goes into building a successful business…

We’ve developed every part of your business plan for you. Learn as You Go. Just click and massage the ideas your way.

It’s Like Instant Business Training

Here we offer a completely pre-built business plan structure with pre-written text, loaded with ideas, direction, and documentation.

It’s the battle plan for your business…

A little bit of planning before implementation goes a long way.

You don’t have to use all of it or do everything, but just reading through it will inspire and educate you to what’s necessary for success.

  • Makes Planning Easier
  • Saves Time & Money
  • Get Financing
  • Stay Organized & Focused

Videos introduce each section to coach you on what investors and lenders are looking for.

How better to promote and finance your business vision, with priorities sorted, than with the longest evolved business planning software / template system on Earth?

Why start from scratch?
Our experienced business financing and strategists have already done the heavy lifting for you.

Your part is easy.

BizPlanBuilder best selling business planning software

Details On BizPlanBuilder Here


business power tools strategic plan bizplan liveplan funding template app

~ For a Full Year ~

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sample busines legal software template guarantee

Annual Subscription is a One-Time Investment
for a FULL Year Membership
With Ongoing Updates
As we add more content, you get that too!

Add Unlimited Team & Advisors
Secure Live Document Sharing Online
Expand for just $1 / mo each

Enhanced 128-bit Cyber Security
You Control All Access, User by User, App by App.

Get Started With All This…

  • 30-Second “Elevator” Pitch worksheet
  • Business Plan Executive Summary
    Needed for first meetings
  • Prebuilt Narrative Blocks – Edit as you go
    From a “Lean” Startup to a Full Operating Plan

    150+ Prebuilt Templates
    Includes Cannabis, Non-Profit, Farming…
  • Wizard-driven 5-Year Financial Model
  • Two fully customizable Excel models
    “Visionary Funding”
    “Expansion Plan”
    Project sales, costs, profits, cash flow, valuation, best/worst, break-even, investor deal…
    How much you’ll make, by when?!?
  • Investor Presentation / ”Pitch” Deck
    20-Minute “Story-board” Template
    With comments & suggestions to help you
  • Letter Agreements
    Invitations to Advisors & Directors
  • Intro emails
    Intros to Friends, Investors, and Lenders
  • Funding Resources
  • Corporate & LLC Docs
    Articles of Incorporation
    LLC Operating Agreement
    Stock Options Plan Docs
    Shareholder Tracking

michael gerber recommends bizplanbuilder business plan software template excel
“The customizable encyclopedia of everything you need to know about your business… but were afraid to ask!”
~ Michael E. Gerber, Author: E-Myth, Business Guru

Rob Kramarz intelliversity review bizplan bizplanbuilder business plan software template excel“Now I can recommend a standardized financial proforma that all of my clients can use. BizPlanBuilder’s financial model has just the right level of detail (without too much!) in the same format every time, eliminating the crazy-making submissions from so many amateurs I used to get.”
~ Robert Steven Kramarz, Investor, Author, Executive Director, Intelliversity The Funding Academy for Innovators – Led by Investors

Why You. Why Business Power Tools. Why Now.
A System for Entrepreneurs Built By Entrepreneurs

Specially Scripted and Structured Software Templates Show What To Do and How To Do It

Including What To Say and How To Say It

bizplanbuilder lean one page free business plan model raise capital cloud dashboard

The Most Templates and Tools

All Apps Work Alike and Together

  • Almost ZERO Learning Curve!
  • Does the Job of Hundreds of Apps
    Without You Wasting Your Time
    Learning to Use Every. Single. One.
  • Easy-to-Use System
    Complete Critical Projects Quickly
  • All Tools Are Built On the Same Platform
  • Ongoing Updates Included
  • Collaborate Without Conflicting Copies
  • Click From Project To Project
    Each Works Just as You’d Expect
  • Mindfully Curated
    Developed and Evolved Over 30+ Years
  • Edited By a Former Sharper Image®
    Catalog Copywriter

entrepreneur startup software template business power tools

Everything is Fully Customizable

Your Business Your Way

  • Private Label — Insert Your Own Branding
  • Include Your Logo / Slogan / Tagline
  • Customize Any / All of the Templates
  • Company Data Fills in Automatically
    Saves Typing, Speeds Completion
  • Upload Your Own Content
    Create New, Re-Usable Custom Templates
  • “Priorities” Lists for Every Area
  • Excel-Based Calculators
    Do / Show All the Math for Better Decisions
    100% Customizable for Your Business
  • Insert Your Preferred RSS Feeds
  • Consultants Save Time Educating Clients
  • Expedites Due-Diligence for
    Faster Funding or Sale

Business organization software system dashboard

Include Unlimited Team & Advisors

Secure Collaborative Workspace

  • Teams Engage and Buy-In to Priorities,
    Changes and What They Help Create
  • Remote Work Empowered
    All Team Members, Advisors, and Investors
    Collaborate, Contribute, or Review
  • For Now, Just +$1 / Month Each
  • CRM System Tracks VIPs, Projects,
    , Proposals, Events
  • Complete and Secure Control Over
    Everything Anyone Can Access
  • App by App — Each with Admin, Edit,
    or Read-Only Privileges
  • System Keeps All Documents Secure
    Organized for Easy Access
  • Serves as a “Secure Data Room

If Your Business Is Already Up And Running,
Here’s a Bigger Deal On ALL of Our Tools

Why spend $1,000 – $10,000 (or $100 – $500 / hr) paying someone else….

When you can easily do it yourself or with your team? Quickly. Easily. Better.

A business plan, financial model, employee policies, legal agreements…
All necessary, and now made easy with hundreds of business growth and survival tools you’ll find here.

bizplan bizplanbuilder best start up funding presentation software template app word excel powerpoint free

Strategic Planning, Start-Up and Growth Funding

Start / Finance / Grow Efficiently

  • Featuring BizPlanBuilder — Everything to Produce an Agile Strategic Business Plan to Organize, Raise Capital, Pivot, Scale, Sell…
  • Multiple Financial Models Project Revenue, Costs, Profits, Valuation
    • Customizable Excel models
  • “Elevator” pitch worksheet
    • Proven Investor Presentation Deck
  • Funding Resources
  • CRM: Advisors, Vendors, VIPs
    • Tasks, Events, Promos, Proposals
  • Includes Stock Options Templates
    • Shareholder & Options Tracking
  • Corporate, LLC Docs
    • Board Minutes
  • Finance & Collections docs
  • Videos Explain All Concepts
  • “Handbook of Business Planning”
best business marketing pr strategy strategic plan sample press release software template word excel

Marketing, Public Relations, Sales and Social Media

Everything to Grow Sales

  • Featuring Marketing Builder strategic plan template prioritizes tactics
  • 30+ Calculators do the math for you
  • Branding / Creative Development Worksheets
  • CRM: Advisors, Vendors, VIPs
    • Tasks, Events, Promos, Proposals
  • Public Relations / Media Management with PR Calendar & Calculators
    • Get free promotion in the media
    • 20+ Press Release Templates
    • Comprehensive PR Tutorial
  • Website Testing Tools
  • Sales Proposal Builder
  • Sample Sales & Reseller Contracts
  • Prospecting & Appointment-Setting
    • Scripts, Emails, Letters
  • Sample Customer Service Responses
best free hr management employee policy policies procedures handbook software template app cloud

Employee Policies and Procedures Handbooks

Organize & Manage Your People

  • Featuring Employee Manual Builder with 200+ professionally scripted sample Policies and Procedures templates
    • Compliant State x State
  • OSHA Safety Training Manual
    • Injury & Illness Prevention Plan w/ 161 Safe Work practices
  • 700+ Sample Job Descriptions
    • Interview Questions & Templates
    • Candidate Evaluation Worksheets
  • Hiring & Onboarding Correspondence
    • Employment Agreements
  • CRM: Advisors, Vendors, VIPs
    • Tasks, Events, Promos, Proposals
  • Security Policies & Procedures
  • Discipline & Termination Documentation
  • “Manager’s Procedures Guide” +
  • “How to Avoid Ruinous Litigation”

Special Offer for Veterans

If you’re going for it no-matter-what and growing your business, making it
more successful, more systemized, and more secure, this is our best deal…

Regularly $97 / mo
Veteran Membership Deal: $47 / mo

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Includes Ongoing Updates
As we add more content, you get that too!

Add Unlimited Team & Advisors
Secure Live Document Sharing Online
Expand for just $1 / mo each

Price Protection
Keep investing in Business Power Tools and keep your credit card up to date,
you can keep this low-price membership as long as you want.

Enhanced 128-bit Cyber Security
You control all access, user by user, app by app.
Give your team and consultants access to collaborate, communicate and contribute.

“It’s like the ultimate Swiss Army Knife that builds a solid foundation and infrastructure for those who want complete control of their businesses.”
~ Vicki Garcia, Operation Vetrepreneur

and… I negotiated this awesome deal for you to access all of it!

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“I’ve been supporting veterans to leverage their military experience into successful businesses for 20 years. I really like this new dashboard and am very impressed with the depth, breadth, and quality of the documents and spreadsheet calculator templates.

This online dashboard brings together hundreds of business tools by world-class experts who have scripted the best documents, spreadsheets, and strategies for building your business.
The BizPlanBuilder even serves as a comprehensive business tutorial. This is why this software is so helpful to veterans and why I want to promote the benefits to them.

I also love it because it does the work of about 50 apps in one. And they all work the same way…
There’s no need to learn 50 different tools to do 50 different jobs.

Easily add your team and mentors (like me) to your subscription and work together as you go.

It’s like the ultimate Swiss Army Knife that builds a solid foundation and
infrastructure — perfect for our Veterans interested in starting their own businesses.”
~ Vicki Garcia, Project Director, Operation Vetrepreneur, San Diego, CA