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Secure Software System Manages All of Your Employee Data

Easily Track All of Your Employee Records…

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and Manage All of Your Human Resources Files from One Easy-to-Use System

At a time when it’s imperative to keep organized, consistent, and accurate records on all employees, HR File Builder (formerly Employee File Builder) can provide you with the best possible documentation.

In the event employment or legal problems develop, you can be confident having the necessary records and documentation to back you up.

Whether you have 5 employees or 500, managing employee records can easily get out of hand.

Now with HR File Builder, the most comprehensive software for tracking employee information, you can save time, eliminate paperwork, and keep better records at the same time.

“I have used this program from Version 2.0 up to Version 4.1. I use it mostly for tracking training certifications and updates. To date, I have over 300 individuals in the database.”

- James Mantooth

Secure Employee Record-Keeping Safeguards Your Company

With employee records kept in one centralized system, multiple authorized users can gain instant access to the information they need, when they need it.

The simplest way to set up, maintain, and update human resources files on your employees.

  • For Business Owners, HR Managers, CFOs, Growing Startups
  • User-friendly, centralized system with easy-to-use file folder design allows instant access for all authorized users.
  • In the event personnel or legal problems ever develop, you can be confident of having the necessary records
  • Security levels can be changed at any time to allow access, and only to appropriate records
  • Dramatically cuts employee paperwork and frees up managers’ time for other tasks
  • Streamlines note keeping, tracking performance, analyzing trends
  • Generates polished, professional looking reports quickly and easily
  • Built on the Microsoft® Access® database — Easily exports reports to Excel & Word
  • Fully password protected data encryption protects the integrity of your personnel files
  • Instant download after purchase

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Licenses for each additional concurrent user are $97.
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User-Friendly System Streamlines Employee-Related Tasks

Easy-to-Use Employee File Folder Design

HR File Builder with intuitive “file folder design” enables managers to organize and update records automatically with the click of their mouse.

An employee photo in each file personalizes the system and provides instant recognition.

You have all critical records such as work and salary history, time-off, benefits, training, and performance trends at your fingertips.

Plus the “Activity Notes” screen enables you to make a notation once, but the information will also be reflected in all reports, spreadsheets and overviews.

  • Multiple access allows authorized managers to update and audit employee files
  • Flexibility is built into the program so you can track things like tardiness, vacations and sick leave however you want—on an hourly, daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis
  • “Activity Notes” allow you to effortlessly track licensing, certification, and training deadlines
  • Employee activity logs are useful for planning and evaluation purposes
  • Managers can track trends and spot “red flags” and potential problems before they occur
  • Generates necessary reports and documentation for promotions and raises, or for warnings and terminations
  • Provides impeccable paperwork so you’re prepared and legally compliant in the event of an employee dispute or litigation
  • Built-in wizards allow users to set up work policies and assign benefits
  • “Statistics” page quickly summarizes vital employment data
  • New “Certifications” page to log individual employee accreditation
  • New “Education” page to summarize individual employee’s education history
  • New “Relatives” page to organize family member taxes and emergency contacts

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Employees Record View Folder

Easily Add and Update Thorough Records for Every Employee

Buttons and tabs make it easy to find and fill-in all of your employee record data:

  • Benefits
  • Vacation time, sick time, family leave, and other time-off
  • Performance notes
  • Detailed job and career advancement history
  • Unlimited certification dates
  • Important memos
  • + 36-user-defined fields you can customize to track anything you want

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Corporate Statistics View Folder

Special Screens Make it Easy to Customize Your Human Resources Management System for Best Practices

The Corporate Views folder provides you with flexible company-wide reporting and analysis that allows you to:

  • Build custom views to graphically display and edit selected fields in a simple spreadsheet style format
  • See trends in attendance, policy violations, and other important activity indicators
  • with yearly and monthly reviews
  • Compare activities such as safety training, safety violations, and work injuries on the same screen
  • Review organizational charts and the status of benefit programs

Company Policy Folder

Easily Customizable for Any Organization
The Company Policy Folder maintains consistent company policies (especially when multiple copies are networked) such as:

  • Vacation, sick leave, and other time-off qualification data and accumulation rates
  • Benefit, promotion and disciplinary eligibility criteria
  • Job descriptions and pay rates
  • Make changes directly on your screen — it’s easy to quickly sort, manipulate and update information
  • HR File Builder’s built-in wizards help you to set up work policies and assign benefits quickly and easily
  • Cut and paste employee information directly into Microsoft Word or Excel.
  • There’s even an automatic spell checker on all comment and note fields.

employee data hr management company software app database system

“Employee File Builder makes it easy to keep track of
the complex array of employee data.”

Joel T. Patz, Windows Magazine – Reviews: HR File Builder for Windows

“Keep Tabs on Personnel Files” The information you need about your employees extends far beyond a list of whom to call in an emergency. With Employee File Builder from JIAN [now BusinessPowerTools], it’s easy to create and update a complete file on each of your employees. I liked working in the tabbed interface, which organizes employee information into customizable topics like Employees, Corporate Views, and Company Policy. Buttons specific to each section appear along the right side of the screen.

During setup, I defined 36 user fields for specific information, such as hobbies, special needs or security check requirements, choosing text, numbers, date, currency, or Yes/No as field types.

The program offers a lot of visual assistance, from a timesheet—like attendance chart to a variety of standard bar and pie graphs that allow you to filter which employees the program reports on.

Using the built-in Crystal Reports engine, I could request more than 45 reports, ranging from job history to certifications and training. If you have Crystal Reports on your system, you can modify the layouts.

Employee File Builder also supports printing labels on nine different Avery forms.

The program lets you import from dBASE, Access, Paradox and FoxPro, but not from comma-separated or tab-delimited files. You can also change the background color as well as colors for file folders in use — a nice touch if you spend a lot of time working with employee files.

Employee File Builder makes it easy to keep track of the complex array of employee data.

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