video - what angel venture capital investors look for business plan

Video – Writing Your Business Plan:
Describing Your “Present Situation” or “Traction”

What to think about as you edit the “Present Situation” (traction) section of your business plan and what investors and lenders (crowdfund, angel, venture capital, SBA) look for as they consider funding your start up or growing company. (What have you accomplished so far? Where do you stand right now?)

Do I Need a Business Plan to Raise Money?

In my experience raising capital, investors can’t seem to get enough information. Think about it. Before they’ll write a check, investors ask all kinds of questions and you need to have answers. Why do you think only 3-5% of startups get funded?!? You might as well do the homework ahead of time, do some of…

How a venture capitalist approaches an investment in your start-up

Investing in seed rounds is different than other stages of start-up investment. Unlike Series A, B, C, etc… there is little to no history of customers, milestones, numbers, references, etc. to evidence to support an intelligent investment decision. Read this article to learn more about how a venture capitalist approaches an investment in your start-up.…