What Is The Best Source of Capital for Your Business?

I am often asked by our business plan software customers to assist them in determining their best options for raising capital.  Having been down that path many times, I always try and impart whatever knowledge or wisdom I can to help them smooth the road ahead. Raising capital is not easy.  It takes time, energy…

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Raising Capital From Friends and Family

Any entrepreneur who has started a business and needed to raise capital to grow has probably received this same bit of wisdom – “You’ll need to get your friends and family to invest”. Sarcastically you reply, “Great, I never would have thought of that”. Now that your sarcasm has made you feel much better, the…

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What’s the “Right Stuff” You Need to Raise Capital?

“Around the globe, investors complain about a lack of investment readiness among their potential investees. What they want to hear is a compelling impact story based on a sound financial bottom line – preferably in a language they can easily understand.”