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3 Ideas On Business in These Interesting Times

3 Ideas On Business in These Interesting Times   Some Things You Must Keep Top of Mind… Bob Friedenthal of and I were talking about what we could do right now for our businesses and tribe. Bob asked me what I’d recommend. I’ve been thinking about these 3 things for a while: 1. Establishing…

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Video – How Conscious Language Leads to Business Success – Business FAQs with Burke Franklin

Self-defeating words, phrases and concepts that derail our sales / investor presentations to customers, investors, employees and each other! The dangers of double-negatives and other dumb things we say and how they create our world… Click to watch this brief TED talk-like video.

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Business FAQs with Burke Franklin — Being a good recommender, choosing your words for best effect, priority management

Further discussion on being a good “recommender”
Presenting your product/service in your business plan and investor presentation
A mini-preview of my forthcoming TEDx talk on “Verbal Awareness” – How what we say creates our world
A handy hack on time management => priority management (and my low-tech device for managing them…)