free strategic planning template

2021 team sharing strategic planning software template

Here’s a New Management Team Organizational Idea and Toolbox for the New Year. We designed it to get all of your people on the same page. We call it the “One-Page Manager”. It’s a hybrid Job Description + Executive Summary template. It’s much more than just “Goal Setting” — It’s a coordinated execution plan. Video demo.

Opinion VS Experience… a BIG Difference!

There’s a BIG difference between opinion & experience. Often, a person offers an opinion but states it as if it were an experience. Many people give advice without distinguishing its quality. You can determine the quality of the advice you receive by simply asking: How do you know that? The explanation should give you a…

Dealing with Stubborn People!

  I was observing some stubbornness in a friend — and, when I notice some undesirable behavior in another person, I’ve learned that it is often a reflection of something that I’m doing (or have done), and the best way to deal with the friend is to first understand myself… which got me to thinking about…