The 3 Most Important Things You Learn from the Business Planning Process

This is the first in an ongoing series of audio podcasts with Burke Franklin, founder and CEO of Jian Software, the publisher of business planning software, Biz Plan Builder, as well as many other business productivity software titles.  In each audio podcast, Burke tackles topics related to planning, starting, financing, and growing an entrepreneurial venture…

Are Your Financial Projections Ready for Primetime?

Ask ten investors what the most important section of a business plan is, and you are likely to get back a variety of answers. For some, management team is the section to which they turn first. Others begin by reading about the market opportunity and your proposed solution to determine their level of interest. While…

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What’s the “Right Stuff” You Need to Raise Capital?

“Around the globe, investors complain about a lack of investment readiness among their potential investees. What they want to hear is a compelling impact story based on a sound financial bottom line – preferably in a language they can easily understand.”